Fave youtubers ATM

Dear Reader,

How are you doing? I’m really good :). I have one and a half week left of my summer break and I kinda feel okay with that. I just miss all my friends and the routine and I just really want to slay my last ever year in high school, hahaha. But….the last few weeks I’ve been binge watching some youtube channels and I really wanted to share them with you!

#1. Conan Gray

Conan is absolutely amazing! I love him so much, hahaha. He posts covers, original songs, baking vids, monthly faves, vlogs, chatty vids and much more. He is very creative and cute and he is really aesthetically pleasing. Idk just please look at his channel, you’ll fall in love with him within 3 seconds. His channel

#2. Hi I’m Mimi

Mimi is also a very cute and lovely youtuber, she kinda reminds me of Conan someway. She’s from Sweden and also posts covers, original songs, chatty vids and all kinds of things. Also very aestheticslly pleasing and amazingly cute. She’s just someone you want to be friends with. Her bubbly personality makes me happy whatever is happening in my life. Her channel

#3. Life with Beans

Life with beans is a channel run by a mom and dad with 6 kids, you hear it right, 6 kids. They make vlogs of their everyday life and it’s very cute and fun to see what’s going on in their lives and to see the little ones grow! A happy and lovely family! their channel

#4. Ruby Granger

Ruby makes videos mostly related to school, reading and studying. I really like how different her videos are from the usual youtube videos and how unique she is. She really dares to be herself and she thinks education is the most important thing there is. She is a huge fan of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and I really think that’s way too cute. Every time I watch one of her videos I fell like learning and making school work, which is strange, but great, hahaha. Her channel

soon that’s it for now, if you have the time, I would strongly suggest you checking them out! Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura Grace

How to hand sew a little bag || DIY

Dear Reader,

I often sew little bags like the one above in the picture, and I figured it might be fun to show you guys how I mostly make them. So here you go!

DSCN1063The things you will need: Some cute fabric, needle and thread, scissors, paper, a ruler, a pencil.

DSCN1065First you have to decide how big you want your little bag to be. I decided to make it 14 by 8 centimeters. Then make a pattern and cut it out. I also wanted a little heart in the front, but you can choose anything for this, for example a flower.

DSCN1067Cut your pattern out two times; you need two sides to make a bag.


DSCN1069First go ahead and sew on the heart on the front.

DSCN1072DSCN1073DSCN1074I end my stitching by going in and out and leaving a loop, then I go through the loop and pull it tight. I repeat this two or three times at the same spot. Then I cut the Thread of, but not too short because otherwise it will come loose.

DSCN1075Now put the two sides together the ‘wrong’ way around and sew one of the long sides together.

DSCN1076DSCN1077Now sew two cm down the two sides from the top like I did in the pictures.

DSCN1079DSCN1080Now fold it double, you create the loop for the ribbon like this.

DSCN1082Sew it together.

DSCN1084DSCN1086Now fold the whole thing double again and stick it all up.

DSCN1087DSCN1088Turn your bag inside out.

DSCN1090Take a cute ribbon and a big needle, put the ribbon through the space you’ve created for it.

DSCN1092DSCN1095DSCN1097Tadaaaa! To finish it off, put to big beads at the ends of the ribbon and make a tight knot. It’s very cute to give a little handmade bag like this to one of your friends, a family member or a little kid. Have fun and feel free to ask me any question if I was unclear!

Good luck and love always,

Laura Grace ❤

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Things that make me happy ATM – thoughts on paper

Dear Reader,

How are you doing? Today was my last schoolday for this year, omggggg I’m soon happy! Next year will be my last year and I can’t wait until I’m done with high school. But first, six weeks of doing nothing, thank god. I have many plans that I’m going to share with you in a next post. But for now I want to share some things that I really liked and enjoyed  the last few weeks, just little things that made life a little nicer ;).

Let’s start off with the beautiful roses that I took way too many pictures off. The sweetest moments are when you see a little bumble bee flying by and landing on their beautiful peddles, soaking up all the nectar and then leaving with pollen all over it’s little body. Roses are so beautiful and look so fragile, while protected by their sharp thorns. A beautiful charm in our garden.


The new album of paramore, Harry Styles and the number Idle town by Conan gray. There are some numbers in the new album from Paramore that are a little too much for me, but the numbers are overall very catchy and happy. Just what I needed to get through the end of this school year :). Harry Styles really got me with his new album, although I never really thought I would’ve. I mean, I wasn’t a “1D hater”, but I didn’t really like them. But Harry, good job, please keep up with the chill-vibed and alternative music! And then Idle town. Oh my goodness it’s so amazing, guys please just listen to the song. I mean, listen to all Conan’s songs, but especially Idle town, I’m obsessed. Conan is my fave youtuber and his music is just  so cute and amazing and wonderful <3.


The next thing I really LOVED was this iced coffee with tapioca balls in it, like some kind of bubble tea. My lovely friend Mikki showed me this little Chinese place in the city centre and I would go every day if I could. I haven’t been so addicted to a certain thing for very long, oops… It’s amazing, really. StarBucks is nothing compared with this.


The next thing that I just can’t get enough from is our kittens! And I just discovered that I didn’t even made a blogpost about them, so guys, a lot of kitten photo’s are coming up! Our lovely cat got preggo and I think I’ve never seen such a cute thing as this. I sit with them the whole day, of course because what else should you do when you have 5 baby cats in your house. They’re just so precious.


The next thing I did a lot and really liked was just thinking about everything I could think of, hahaha. I’ve thought a lot about life and what I want and how I want to be and become. Many people have told me this year and last year that the way I acted and looked was weird and wouldn’t attract boys. And those people (mostly) didn’t mean it in a wrong way, but I just didn’t feel like myself anymore and that it was okay to be myself. And you know what, I’m done with all that. I’m just going to be who I want to be and I’m not going to dress differently of act a certain way because some people find it strange. The people that love me won’t mind and the people who do care they can just look the other way cause I’m not going to change anymore. It wasn’t really that I was insecure, it was more that I thought that it was who I needed to be accepted in new friend groups. But I mean, why would I hang with people that don’t like the real me? So decided that I’m never going to do that ever again. I’m ready to be myself again, and stay that way always.

DSCN2335I also really liked cycling through The Hague a lot and spotting things that I usually just don’t even see. I discovered a street named ‘ghost’, I discovered a few poems written on random walls all over the city, a few pretty places in parks and new streets with beautiful architecture. I just really like finding beauty in the ordinary.

That’s all I could come up with for now, hahah. I’ll write soon again now I have time and inspiration again! Thanks for reading :).

Love always, L.G.



3 Ways to use olive oil in your beauty routine

Dear Reader,

My skin has always been very sensitive for perfumes and body lotions, my skin begins to burn and gets red. Because of this, my mom began to use natural products on me from a very young age. Natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil and coffee grounds are very moisturizing and healing. Besides the fact that these natural products don’t sting and burn, mean they are natural and healthy. There are so many ingredients in beauty products like creams and makeup removers, and I don’t really want to put something on my body that I’m not sure about what it is and if it’s good for my health or not. My favorite oil to use in my daily beauty routine is olive oil, the golden liquid has many more ways you can use it than you think. Here are 3 ways to use olive oil in your daily beauty routine and live in a more natural way.

#1. Make-up remover

Do you know the feeling of getting make-up remover in your eyes and then having irritated eyes the rest of your evening? Well, say goodbye to that feeling, because olive oil will be your new non-stinging make-up remover. Just put some drops on a little olive oil on a tissue and rub away your make-up like you usually would. It works like magic, your make-up will be gone in no time.

#2. Moisturizer

I’ve never had a softer skin than after using olive oil as a moisturizer. We often go to the beach, and the sand, sun and salty water always makes my skin very dry. What I mostly do after a beach day, or if my whole body is very dry, is taking a shower, then putting some olive oil in my hand and put it all over my body. I do this after I’ve washed myself with soap and I dry off as usual. Your skin will feel very soft. This is also perfect for people with very sensitive skin, it won’t sting at all.

#3. Anti dandruff

I’ve tried almost every anti dandruff shampoo that’s out there, but nothing works, my dandruff always seems to get worse when I use anti dendruff shampoo. But I’ve finally found something that works, surprise surprise; olive oil. The best way to use olive oil as a anti dandruff treatment is to put it all over your scalp before going to bed, thenit will have enough time to really do its job and sink into your skin. The next day, wash your hair with shampoo twice, to get all the oils out and then condition with condtitioner. Your skalp will be free from dandruff, or almost dandruff free, and feel way less itchy. I do this once a week. Make sure to clean your pillowcase after sleeping on it with oily hair.

So here are 3 ways to use this amazing product in your daily routine. I hope to hear from you what you think if you try anything out! Olive oil is Avery powerful and wonderful product and it’s also very affordable. I always buy a little pump in the grocery store like in the picture above. 

Good luck  and have a good day!

Love always, L.G. ❤