Switching languages

Dear Reader, 

Holiday’s a week in, and I’m really enjoying everything about it. I’ve thought much about my blog, and about how I could make it better. I already have a new outlay, my brother made it with me, and I’m really happy with it! This evening I ordered a camera I’ve been saving money for for months now. I’m so exited for it to arrive! So the picture quality will go up from Tuesday on. Before I used to take pictures with my iPhone 5s, also a good quality, but not so much as my new camera will be. 

So the quality of my blog posts will go up, but I’m also busy with thinking about ways I can let my blog stand out. There are thousands of blogs out there on the Internet, and it’s hard to stand out. And of course, I really do the blogging because I enjoy it. I love the writing, I love taking pictures, I love putting my ideas out on the web. But it is also really fun seeing that a few people actually read my blog. I make a little happy dance every time I see that people have been reading my stuff. 

I have written all my blogposts in Dutch, witch is fine. But I could reach a way bigger publicity if I would write in English. So I’ve dicided that from now on, this blog will be in English. It will take some time until I’ve switched everything around, but I’m planning on starting the new school year with new ideas, better pictures and as an English blog. The blogposts already written on this blog, will remain Dutch, because it would take way too much time changing that. Further am I not English. I am half Dutch, half Danish. So excuse me if I’ll make grammar mistakes, I’ll do my best on the grammar thingy! 

Thank you for reading, 

Love, Laura Grace


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