Things that make me happy #3

Dear Reader,

In blogposts I wrote earlier, I wrote about Things that make me happy. I really liked doing that, so I’ll juist go in with it, but now in English! Here is a list of 20 things that make me happy.

  1. Writing the letters K and Z with a fountain pen.
  2. Hearing birds singing in the early morning.
  3. Decorating the house for a birthday party.
  4. Giving presents.
  5. To write short stories.
  6. Dry pressing flowers.
  7. Listening to Norah Jones’ music, I love her music!
  8. Cycling 
  9. Mango ice cream, one of the best things on this earth, holy moly.
  10. Laughing, laughing can always do, even on the worst days.
  11. Holidays
  12. School
  13. High, untamed grass.
  14. Dandelions 
  15. The sound a broken bycicle makes when you drive on it, I call it music.
  16. The series New Girl. I love it so so much!
  17. Snails, my favorite animals…
  18. Hanging out with friends.
  19. Making nice pictures.
  20. Cute stationary.

That was it for now, what are your favorite things in life? Things don’t have to be big to be special.

Love, Laura Grace


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