My Love for Autumn & Autumn Tag

Dear reader,

When I think about autumn, I think about laying in bed, hearing the rain come down on the roof, and seeing drops slide down my window. I think about warm, knitted clothes, turtle necks and high boots. Lit candles in the living room, the smell of home made cookies, and the warmth of the fireplace. When I think about autumn, I think about leaves, couloured in red, orange and brown. I think about how the morning air smells and the view filled with fog. I think about scarves and how they dance in the wind when you see people riding their bike. I think about reading, knitting and crafting. I think about having a cold and being sick. Drinking tea and eating brinta. Laughing, birthdays and Halloween. And most of all gezelligheid.

When I think about autumn, I think about many things. But there is one certain thing I think about when I think about autumn.

‘Oh what I love autumn.’

My love for autumn is big

So big it can reach the sky’s and further than that

My love for autumn is small

So small that it could fit in the size of a breadcrumb

My love for autumn is warm

Even though the weather is colder than snow

And I’m in love with the rain and the clear Skye’s at midnight, when the stars show up and dance in the moonlight. 

~ Laura Grace
It’s not only that I just love autumn because all of this, when it is autumn I feel more energetic, like I can get way more stuff done than in summer for example. I don’t know what it is, but ever since I was small, I’ve felt this way. Autumn is really my favourite time of the year. All this above is extremely cheesy, but it is really the way I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong because I love all seasons, I love the way everything changes from time to time. It always seems magical to me.

So down here, you can read the autumn tag, I found somewhere on the web.


  • Favourite drink during fall? 

Hmm, quite a hard one. I always love drinking tomato soup in a big mug, but that’s not really what you call a drink, I think. So then I’ll go with a nice cup of tea, or chocolate milk, hmm. I want to drink that now.

  • Favourite hat and mittens?

I don’t have them around right now, but my favourite mittens are big, fluffy and extremely warm. My hat, too, actually. The most important thing is that they’re warm. Really warm in the cold winters.

  • Favourite music to listen to during fall?

Okay, so first of all, I start to listen to Christmas music in August, I really enjoy doing that. Then there are some other toppers like: almost is never enough-Ariana Grande, autumn leaves and firefly both by Ed Sheeran, first love-Adele, between the bars-Elliott Smith, soundtrack from Pitch Perfect & The Fault In Our Stars,  free-Jack and the Weatherman, heal-Tom Odell, in a week-Hozier. These are Juts a few of the things I listen to at the moment. But, yeah.

  • Favourite candle during fall? 

My mom always buys these vanilla candles and I really love the smell. I think she buys them at IKEA. These candles make the whole house cozy, love love love it!

  • Favourite make-up look during autumn?

The last few weeks I haven’t worn make-up, but when I do, not too much and very natural, so that you create a very soft look. I love the soft colours that are fashion now. Brown, white, black…

  • Favourite autumn snack?

Hmm, another hard one. I love so many kinds of foods, it’s hard to choose. I think one of the things I eat very often the last few weeks is natural nachos. Without a dip or anything. I can eat 100 of bags hmmmmm. Something I like eating too are my moms homemade cookies, they’re the best! 

  • Halloween dress up/costume?

I really want to dress up as pac-man. But I just have to figure out how I’m going to do that. Otherwise I will go as a witch, basic, but good enough.

So that was it for today! It’s almost holiday for a week, and I will be able to write much then. Hope you liked reading the post of today, enjoy autumn!

Lots of love, Laura Grace


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