Things that make me happy #4

Dear Reader,

Today is really a day that I could need some things that make me happy. I stayed home from school, beacause I’m ill, not really hardcore I’ll, but enough to stay home. I woke up feeling like a zombie, but after 2 aspirins it’s better. So to clear myself up, I’ve made another list of things that make me happy. Here it is.

  • The smell of coffee
  • Cloudy Skye’s
  • My fountain pen
  • Raindrops on my window
  • Warm blankets
  • My little brothers
  • Autumn treasures; hazel nuts, pines, acorns etc…
  • Poems about love
  • Useless and weird facts
  • Constellations
  • Hedgehogs and squirrels 
  • And, not surprisingly, autumn!

So there’s a small list again. Oh and let me tell you a fun little story that happened this morning. So I’m allergic to fresh apples, like, I can eat them when they are in pies and stuff, but not just like that. So my friend (Lynn) and I had this conversation about it and she said something like; can’t you just try eating it so that you aren’t allergic anymore after eating small bits every day. This morning I felt like it would be smart to eat fruits and healthy stuff, so I took some fruits and made a small fruit salad. And then I saw a beautiful green apple laying among all the other fruits, and I thought; yes, this is the day that I’m starting to eat apples! So I put half an apple in the fruit salad and ate it. And within ten minutes I regretted it immediately beacause I got stomache aches and I was like; why did I do this? But yeah it stopped in like half an hour so it wasn’t that bad. I surely learned something today: don’t eat apples if you’re allergic to them, and especially not when you’re ill. 

So that happened today. Not really a special story, I thought maby you could have a small laugh after reading it. I think I’m gonna make some homework now in bed. Maby with a nice cup of tea. Yeah let me do that. 

Love always, Laura Grace


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