Book Review: The LUX Series

Dear Reader,

Today I’m going to write a review about one of my favourite book series! I’m totally obsessed with the series, and I get sparks in my tummy every time I re-read my fave parts. I picked up these books because of Sasha Alsberg, one of my favourite book tubers. First off I was like; is this going to be my thing? But after reading the first page I new this was perfection, holy crackers! 

So let me start with the actual review.

The story is about a girl, named Katy. Katy moves to a small town together with her mom, because of her moms job. Katy doesn’t really expect much, just a town with one streetlight and one main way. When they arrive, Katy wants to get plants and some food, so she decides to ask their new neighbors. When she rings the door, a super handsome boy, who is shirtless, opens the door. She is stunned by his looks and finds their new living place a whole more interesting now. Until he opens his mouth. He turned out to be a totally good looking, hot and charming ultra douche.  Katy finds her way to the stores but just can’t find out why he is so mean to her, she never did him any harm. Katy decides that it’s the best to just ignore him, but that plan changes when she learns that he has a sister, Dee. That changes everything because Dee and Katy become best friends. But even though Dee is super sweet, she finds the two a little odd. They live all by themselves and they’re a little mysterious. Dee and Katy grow closer, but Deamon (the brother of Dee), just gets meaner and she just can’t get around why, she hasn’t done anything to him. The worst part is that she finds him absolutely attractive.  But then one night something that could’ve turned out horribly, turns out to something that is supers scary, too. She finds out why the two act so oddly. They are aliens. And not green, slimy aliens, but light aliens from the Lux species. Her neighbors are real life aliens, and suddenly her life is never as it was. 

Okay so this is just a tiny piece of everything, but it is so awesome! Also the fact that Katy is a book blogger, that just makes the books 10 times better. I really love the characters, and especially Dee and Deamon, and, of course our bad-ass Katy. The books are chick flick, but mixed with action, aliens aliens and hybrids. It really filled with awesomesause and many funny parts. The books actually made me laugh out loud, and that doesn’t happen that often to me when I’m reading. They also made me cry, feel stresses, emotional, in love and just boom! I also think I can add a new fictional boyfriend to my list, because Deamon Black is rally hard to resist, omg! He is just everything that is cool, although he still is a douche… I’m totally in love again with someone that doesn’t exist, and I don’t even care. Oh and I love Dee and Katy so much too! And all the other characters, omg Luc! How could I forget him? He is just so cool, I want him to be my guy friend, not boyfriend, but guy friend. Wow. 

Maybe I should stop writing because I’m totally fangirling again. Calm down Laura, calm down.

So, if you don’t know what to read next or you just want more books, or I don’t know. Just please read these books. They are easy reads, the first two parts don’t give you any brain damage and they’re just sooooooo good. Hahaha really ensuring. But there are many plot twists, so be prepared. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Love always, Laura Grace.


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