Fictional Boyfriend Tag

Dear Reader,

Today I was searching for a tag to do on my blog, and the first thing that popped up on my computer screen was the boyfriend tag.  So I don’t have a boyfriend, but, I have many fictional boyfriends, like plenty. That sounds a little sad, but who cares? Let me just date Deamon Black in my head. And Jace, Elija, Simon, Klaus, Nick, Adam etc etc. well, you get the point. And I thought maybe it would be funny or amusing for you to read the boyfriend tag with a little twist to it. And maybe, one day, when I have a real, physical boyfriend, I’ll do the boyfriend tag once more. Enjoy reading!

  1. Where did we meet?

Hmm on many places, books, movies, my IPad. Actually, the most of you in my bed. Haha, that sounds so wrong omg. While you were in many places, I was just here, in  my room, alone, but also together with you. Some of you I actually made up in my mind, so, many places.

  1. What was our first date?

Ehm, well, we technically never really had a date. Well, maybe a reading date or movies date. That counts, right? This is so sad omg.

  1. Where was our first kiss and how was it?

Well, let me just say that I want to ‘wait’ until the time is right, haha. We never really kissed. I mean, I kiss my books when I finish them, because of all the feels and everything we’ve been through. But well, we haven’t kissed.

  1. How did u know that I was the one?

Because you’re just so awesome I can’t stand it. You are just so lovely, cute and totz perf. If you were real, I would just do everything to be with you. Well, not everything. But my point is clear. Oh and we have been through so many things, how could I not love you?

  1. First impression?

Euh, that depends on who. The most of you were not very pleasant to be around with in the beginning. But after a while it got better with the most of you.

  1. When did u meet the family

In the Livingroom. But you haven’t really gotten the chance to meet mine. I have met the most of your families, but sometimes all your family members were dead. **

7. Do we have a tradition?

Yes. Reading mostly starts at 9 at night until 10. But not really any cute couples traditions.

  1. What was our first road trip?

I’ve taken many of you many places. I think our first road trip was to Germany. That was a 3 hour rid, does that count?

  1. Who said I love u first and where were we?

Well, I said it first, I think probz to all of you. I guess that’s just because you find it hard to say, haha. This is so sad. I am so sad. But, well, that’s how life is with fictional boyfriends…

  1. What do we argue about the most?

That you die, or that you do stupid things that almost get you killed. Watch yourself young man!

  1. Who wears the pants in the relationship

Mm you wear the pants, but I wear the books.

  1. If I’m sitting in front of the tv what am I watching?


13. What dressing do I get on my salad?

IDK, who cares about the answer to this question. Come on.

  1. What’s the one food I don’t like?


15. We go out to eat what do I get to drink?

That really depends on the time and mood you’re in. I’ve mostly seen you drink coffee, or alcohol.

16. What size shoe do I wear?

I don’t have a clue. I’m guessing 43?

17. If I was collecting anything what would it be?

Well, books, ehm games, boyish stuff.

  1. What is my favorite type of sandwich?

With everything on it you can find and as big as it can get. Man you guys just eat so much.

  1. What would I eat everyday if I could?

Uh, I think chicken, you do like chicken. Or, I guess sandwiches and chocolate.

  1. What my fav cereal?

I have never heard anything about what your fave cereal is, so idk…

21. What is my fave music?

Mostly soft- to hard rock. You also like to listen to jazz and classical music.

  1. What’s my fave sports team?

I sure as hell don’t know. Let’s just say AFC Wimbledon cause that’s one of John Greens fave sports teams. And John isn’t my fic boyfriend but he is awesome, so this counts.

  1. What is my eye color?

Oh, a trick question. Let’s just say it changes. You see, I have so many fic boyfriends; I can’t even answer this question. Well, I can, like, blue, grey, brown and blue, just all the colors. I guess mostly brown. I love brown eyes.

  1. Who is my best friend?

Again, this depends on the person. Can’t even try to answer this.

  1. What is something that I do that you don`t like?

Hmm, drink peoples blood and killing them afterwards, being mean, behaving ungentle like, trying to get yourself killed… that’s it, I guess, there must be more things but I don’t know right now.


So, this was my fictional boyfriend tag. I guess I learned quite a lot. Especially the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend (not that I’m desperately looking for one), and that I don’t even know my fic boyfriends to well. Hmm talking about being forever alone? Nah, it’s okay, I’ll just be waiting here for my Norwegian prince who isn’t a prince. Though I really had fun writing this, and if you think: Ha! I can do this better! Or just ha! I want to do this too, feel welcome to do this new created tag, too! Oh and please send me a note on my Instagram if you did it, I would love to read it!

Big hug, Laura Grace


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