DIY: Galaxy Notebooks

Dear Reader, 

Today was a good day, one week to go, and it’s Christmas break for two weeks! That’s grand. So today I’m going to describe to you how I made these two galaxy themed notebooks. Have fun reading!


first off, you will need some blank notebooks that can be decorated.I bought mine at Hema.


then you chose a size and take some shining blue paper.


then you cut a rectangle out of the shining paper, leaving one and a half centimeter from the outsides of the notebook blank. glue it on.


now take a round object the size of a ragular cup, and trace the outsides on a gey cardboard or paper.


now make it look more like a moon, by drawing on it like above.


the last step for this first notebook is to glue the moon on and write ‘luna’ underneath. Luna means moon in spanic. And you’re finished with your first notebook!


now take a smaller notebook and some normal black paper.


do the same to the black paper as for the shiny paper but with the good measurements for the small notebook. Now glue it on.


now print out a galaxy related quote, or if you want, just write it yourself. Glue that on.


now you need gold and silver shiny paper and sissors. cut some rounds and a few thin triangles.


now glue it all on like this, and you’re finished!

 So there you go! Hope you liked it. Thank you for reading, and have a good weekend.

Love Always, L.G.


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