Book Review: Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell


as you can see above, the book. ❤ So this is a special addition, cause normally the book is blue with pink letters, but I love this edition sooo much. Just look at it! also the illustrations, sooo cute! A perfect book cover! (Soory about the bad quality, my camera has no batteries left, sorry!)

Dear Reader,

Holy maceroni peanuts, I just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and oh my. It was just such a cute book! This was exactly the kind of book I needed to read this time of the year, so so so cute! A perfect holiday read, not because it’s so wintery or something, but omg the feels. It was cute, a fast read and light. A mega cute story with a deeper story behind it. The plot and storyline was really well put together, and guys, let us just accept the fact that 1) The athour’s name is Rainbow. 2) The main character, Cather, writes fanfic and is an ultra Fangirl. And, 3) look at the book cover. Sooooo cute! This book makes me want to write my own fanfic. Let me tell you about the summery. 

The story is about Cather, or as she prefers, Cath. She and her twin sister are have grown up inseparable and now they’re off to college. Her twin, Wren, thinks it’s good for them if they try to go their own ways in college, so that they wouldn’t be seen as the twins and that they can find their own ways. Cath isn’t pumped by this idea at all, and feels horrible about leaving for college. She dislikes everything about new situations. They go off and Cath meets her new roommate, she isn’t up to make new friends at all, and is pleased to see that her roommate Reagen isn’t, either. Cath feels very unhappy and her out way of the real world is writing. She has thousands of readers on her webpage Fanfixx, where she writes fanfic about Simon Snow, a mega popular book and movie series. This is her escape and she lives just in between this magic world of Simon Snow and her college life. Through the weeks Cath and Reagan become sort of non-friends but friends. She also meets a boy, Nick who she really likes to write with for her fiction writing classes and she also finds herself falling in love with a very neat boy. But her bond with her sister becomes less and less, Cath feels like her best friend is gone. Meanwhile her dad is going crazy of loneliness and her mom tries to return to their lives after years. In her head everything is messed up and she wonders if she’ll ever survive her life, college and her family.

 So guys, that’s it in short. Uhm, yeah. Let’s just say that the best way to describe this book in one word is; lovely. Easy, cute and neat. I could really see myself in the main character, I very much dislike new situations, too. I think that made it even more nice to read. The only thing I found less good about the book was the ending. I liked the very end, it’s  hard to explain to someone who I can’t spoil the book to, well let’s just say that I didn’t find it that powerful. But it doesn’t really matter, because the ending was very sweet. But I am left with a few questions. Maybe that’s the point of Rainbow Rowell. Maybe it was actually a good end. Wow. Okay never mind. It was a good end. I’m going to read the end again in a bit. Okay and further, I will very much recommend you to read this book, give it to yourself for Christmas, or just go to the bookstore now and buy the book and read it. Haha, well, I hope you liked to read this review. There’s a New Years revolution post coming up, so stay tuned for that. For more information about upcoming posts you can follow me on Instagram, my user name is _laurathostrup_ . thank you for reading!

Love, L.G.


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