different ways to keep a diary <3

 Dearest Reader,

Today I found it a lovely day to go ahead and talk to you about diaries/journals. So as long as I know, I’ve kept a diary. I think that I really started using one when I was eight or something like that. And then I only wrote about, I don’t know, candy or something. But writing has always been a good outlet for me. You don’t have to trust anyone but yourself, because you’re basically writing to yourself. Or rather to no one. I don’t write as much as I used too nowadays, but when I go through a tough time, or just have some weight on my shoulders, I pick up my good old diary again. But what I wanted to show you today is different ways to keep one, because there are more than you’d think. So if you’re interested, go ahead and read further.

So first off, let us start with the ordinary well known journals.  

 So these are very old ones, the one on top is from 2008/2009, then the one under is from 2009-2012 and the one in the middle is my most written journal ever, from 2013-2014. That period was when I started on a new school and got to know new friends, had awkward situations and experienced some of my favorite moments in my life. So that journal is quite special for me. I always laugh my ass of when I read it now. It’s so funny how serious I was about simple things. 

   So this was my journal in 2014-2015, also many things have happened in those years, but this diary is cenrtainly less interesting than the one under here. Mostly I keep one diary for one or two years, and then I want to start in a new one, even though it’s not full. 
 So this is the diary all the 13-14 year old cheesy stuff is in. Let me show you some, note: don’t judge, I was young. (I know, I’m still sixteen, which is quite young, but whatever).

   As you can see, I don’t write dear diary, I mostly come up with someone, or something else to write too. Above I wrote to a star that appeared in the sky just outside my window every night. Later I started writing to my hamster, called Miep. Hahaha, I know, I know, but I really loved my hamster okay. I also liked to put cute pics and illustrations in my diary, to flair it up a little bit.

   Above you can see my totz bad-ass friends with me under the  copier at school. We had so much fun doing this hahaha, we thought we were so daring doing this. It have made some good mamories tho, shoutout to you guys! ā¤

   These are my other lovely friends, I met the first year on our new school. These pics are from 2013, that feels like a long time ago already. But we had a great time, it was summer at the time and we hang out a lot and really got to know each other and stuff. Shoutout to you, too! ā¤
 Here is one of my favourite photos of me and my dad. I think I was five years old in this photo. We were at my granddads house, and also many memories lay in this picture. There were always little foxes we saw, deers, squirrels, and many other animals. His house lay at the side of a huge Forrest, and we used to go for walks. God, I miss that place.

 Here above are just some random pages from all my different diaries. My grammar has really improved by now hahaha. Oh and just a note, I kept an English diary at some point, because I wanted to become better at writing English.

 As you can see, I didn’t only write about my day. My diaries are also full of random quotes, lists and lyrics from songs. I used my diary as a book for basically everything. Also good ideas and bucket lists etc.

 This is my diary for 2016, I really like it, it’s basic, but I’m planning on making it a little more my own, I don’t know how yet, but I will in some time. I also really like that the pages are blank. So yeah, that’s it for the ordinary journals, as we all know them. Now further on to the more unknown ways to keep a diary.

 The bullet journal. This is a new thing I discovered on Pinterest a few weeks ago. This diary is fully about planning. My school grades were not so well, and I wasn’t really keeping up with school good. So I decided I had to do something about it and come in action. And that was when I came across the bullet journals. So I always make lists for things I have to do, but it was kinda chaotic anyways because I always lose the papers. But in a bullet journal, you make a planning list each day, in the same book. So that you always have everything together, and you can take the book everywhere. This has really helped me keep up with school. And my grades have gone up! I’m so so so happy with it! But I don’t only write school work to do in it, just everything. Let me show you some pictures.

 As you can see, just basic things I have to do on a day. I also use colors, so that it’s more clear. I also number the pages. It really helps me. So this journal isn’t really for cheesy secrets, but really a planning journal. If you’re really messy and hard at keeping up with things you have to do, go ahead and try this! My biggest inspiration came from this girl: Bullet journal hacks .

  And now, my drawing journal! This is really handy if you don’t like writing to much, or if you want to improve you drawing skills in a nice way, like me. I have made some pictures from some pages. I mostly take this journal with me on vacations, because it’s easier, and I like to actually see what we did in little drawings.
   As you can see, simple, small and random. But they really help me set things off my mind and remembering fun and important moments. Not all the drawings are pretty, but they don’t have too, as long as you try, don’t ya think?
   Something I really like are these weekly planners from Flow, a magazine I absolutely love and always read. They don’t make these anymore, but you can still buy them on their site: Flow website . I don’t only like the planning pages, but the illustrations are soooo cute and lovely! There are also written parts in it about mind fullness and stuff I Really love. And I’m devastated that they don’t get made anymore…

 But beside all sort of journals, you can actually also just use your agenda as a diary. You can just go ahead and write things you have done that day under the page, or beside the date. Then you have a sort of plan journal, with all your moments in it. The good thing about that is that it’s short, handy and it takes almost no time. It’s especially handy it’s you have an agenda with the dates on the left side and blank writing space on the right side, like this:


So that’s all I have for you today. A long blogpost, but I haven’t written in a long time, so I hope this makes up for all the times I haven’t posted. Let me know what you think about it and any tips are welcome! If you have any journaling tips & tricks please let me know in the comments. Journaling is really something that helps me get over myself and free my mind from bullshit. So if you’re in for it, go ahead and buy yourself a note book and start journaling!

I’m planning on making two more posts about journaling: how to keep up with your journal, and more about the bullet journal.

Have a lovely weekend, 

love, L.G.


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