10 Things that make me happy #5

Dear Reader,

Good Day! I hope you’re all well and fine. For every new follower on my blog, thank you so much! It means very much to me! Also people that leave comments and likes, and of course, all people that read my blog in general. Thank you!! So today I have a little list of things that make me happy, again. I know I know, I do this quite often, but I like it so much. Every time I’m feeling down, I go ahead and make a list of 10 things to prove myself that there is enough on this world that doesn’t suck. So if you ever feel down, try to do this, it really helps! Have fun reading. 

  1. Waking up to a dream in the middle of the night, then looking out of the window to see the greeting moon and a skyfull of stars.
  2. Inside joke moments with my friends, they’re the best.
  3. Laughing way to hard at stupid little things.
  4. Awkward eye contact moments with strangers on the streets.
  5. Family moments you could never explain to others.
  6. Getting snail mail from people you miss and love.
  7. Making lists to clear the mess in my head.
  8. Coconut. Just coconut. Oh! And also coconut mold, it’s pink and really really awesome!
  9. Pajamas & comfy hoodies + YouTube funny fail moments on X-factor. (Totally my guilty pleasure).
  10. Making new friends and getting to know them. 

So that’s it for now, let me know what your favourite moments and things are. Thank you for reading!

Love always, L.G. ❤


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