Easter bunny’s and nail polish (Easter nail art) Avec Mikki <3

Dear Reader, 

Today I have something very sweet and cool for you guys! My lovely friend Mikki is super talented with painting her nail, she always has tiny artworks on het fingertips, so because I like it so much, I asked her if she wanted to make a nail art for my blog. She said yes, and this is how it turned out! A perfect Easter nail art to spice up your outfit. We had a super cozy day with each other as always and I really want to thank her! 

So if you celebrate Easter, or you just like it, this will be the perfect nail art for you. Also this nail art is super cute for spring in general.

  First off, you’re gonna need some nailpolish. The ones above are all he colours we have used. Also you’ll need some tooth picks, that will do. You don’t need brushes, but they are helpful if you have them.

 First, start of with a basecoat, this is to protect your nails from getting yellow (yikes!) and also to help last your nail polish last longer. After the base, go on and coat your nails with a really soft and light pink.

 Now take your white nailpolish and put a drop on a sheet of paper. Take your toothpick or tiny paint brush and go ahead and paint half a circle on your ring finger. Take your time doing this so that you get the best end result.
  Now stay with the white and draw 2 little ears onto the head of your bunny. Try to hold your hand as steady as possible.

When you’ve let the white dry,  go ahead and take your pink nailpolish and paint 2 stripes of white in the ears and a tiny little dot at the tip of your nail for the nose.

  Now take your black and make 2 dots for the eyes. And yay! You have the cutest little Easter bunny on your nails! Now we’re going ahead and finish the other nails. I’ll describe how she did it here below.

Take  your toothpick again, and take the colours blue and pink. With both of the colours you’re going to make little flowers on all the other nails. It’s very easy, you first make one dot, as the center of the flower, and the around that dot you’re going to make 5 more. You’re just going to repeat this step until you’re satisfied with the amount and then you’re finished! End with a base coat so that the look will last longer and tadaaa!!!

  Above my lovely friend Mikki ❤

 You can see the end result here again. Super cute and spring like! We both love Easter very much and it was very fun doing this together.

 She also painted my nails, how cute!? It’s butterfly inspired and also a super cool nail art for spring.

So here you go; super cute nails for Easter and spring, this is also very fun doing together. I hope you guys liked it and if you decide to make them too, it would be awesome if you sent me a picture on Instagram! 

Thank you guys so much for reading,  

Great love, L.G.


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