CROPPED! || DIY: from old tee to croptop

Hello lovely reader, 😉

How are you all? I sure hope good. I’m actually pretty happy and good. I kinda messed up my exams, but I have a plan to fix it, so I think it’ll all be fine. 

Today I have a DIY for you guys again, I love doing them, and you guys love reading about it. So here I’m going to show you how you can turn a boring t-shirt into a cute croptop! This way you bring old items to life again. It’s money saving, and fun to do! So here we go:

First there are a few things you’ll need:

  • An old (or new) t-shirt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Some buttons (optional)

Okay so now we can get started!

  First, find an old tee that you don’t really like anymore, but you don’t want to through it away because of reasons you can’t explain, xd. I used this one, I once bought at Zara quite a while ago, I always liked it, only I don’t find the model good on my body, I just don’t really like it enough to wear it.

   As you can see, on the back it has these cute buttons, and first I decided I could do something cute with it. So I took of the buttons and searched for some nicer buttons in my mothers craft room. I found these three and just sewed them on the same place the old ones were.

  Just take your needle and thread and put the threat through the needle. Then make a little not. Go in from the back and take your button and go through both holes. Now go back down the fabric again and repeat this a few times until the button is well secured. Finish off with a securing knot. If you don’t know how to do this, scroll down to the end, there I explain it in pictures. Do this to all the buttons.

  Now you’ve done that, put on the shirt and decide how short you want to cut it. Mark the place with a small stripe with a pencil. Then go ahead and cut. I would suggest you cut the short a little longer than you want it, because you’re going to stick around the ends.

   Now fold in the hem just a little and secure it with pins.
   Now take your needle and thread again and just go ahead and stitch in and out and in and out, leave around 3 mm between the stitches.

 Go all the way around and take out the pins. You can skip this, but the he, will eventually start to unravel.
   Now take your ribbon and cut it off as long as the shirt is all the way around. Cut it off just a little longer, so that the ends will look better. Pin it down with securing needles again. Now start sewing again, go around all the way, on both sides of the ribbon. Use a colour threat that matches the colour of the ribbon.

  For the ends of the ribbon, fold them in and pin them down. Also sew those sides.

 This is the space I left between the stitches. Just go around, in and out and in and out and finish of with a securing knot.
   How to make and securing knot; go in and out through the fabric, but don’t bull the thread tight; leave a loop. Go down again and come back up with your needle.

  As you can see here above.

  Now go through the loop with your needle.

 Pull tight, and tadaaaa. You just secured your seeing work. Repeat this 2 or 3 times no then cut off the excess thread. 

Here you go! A super easy and cute way to make your tee shirts a little more special if you don’t wear them. I hope everything was clear, if not, leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed reading ;). If any of you decided to do this DIY, it would be awesome if you sent me some pics to my: Instagram Laura Thostrup thank you so much for reading, and see you next time on the inter webs :).

Lots of love  L.G.

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