Crazy Ass 9 Year Olds || Storytime

Dear Readers,

Today I’m going to share a story with you my nine year old brother told me. Be prepared, it’s super weird and mind blowing, but it’s really funny, me and my mom laughed our heads off when he told us what happened. A lot of crazy things happen on his school, but this is really the cherry upon the pie.

It was recess and all the kids were playing outside on the school playground. My brother walked up to (let’s call the two boys Hank and Bill) Hank and Bill, who were playing hide and seek. My brother joined in. Hank had to count with closed eyes, but when he was counting, he had something in his eye, so to get it out, he opened his eyes to rub it out of his eyes. Bill didn’t get he had something in his eyes, so he pushed Hank, because Bill thought Hank was cheating with the game. Now Hank got angry, because he didn’t get that Bill didn’t get that he had something in his eye. Hank pushed Bill back, and the two boys began fighting. My brother decided to step aside, and not to do something (super smart xd). So the boys began to get more aggressive, and suddenly Hank grabbed Bill’s hair and pulled. Then suddenly the two boys stood still, and Hank looked at his hand to see a handful hair. The boys both looked flabbergasted at each other, both a little shocked. So out of shock Hank hands Bill his hair back and said:”oh, here’s your hair.” Then Bill took his hair back and but it in his pocket(True story I swear to you HAHAHA). Then the boys walked away from each other, Bill with a huge bold spot on his head and a buck of hair in his pocket, and Hank flabbergasted with what just happened.

Okay so you are probz 1). Laughing your ass off 2). Shocked or 3). Thinking that this school must be crazy as hell. Hahahaha. Well, the school is quite normal and good, it’s just the kids that are a little crazy, hahaha. I’m happy my brother didn’t join in on the fight, otherwise he might be bold by now, but isn’t this crazy? I’m just thinking about why there weren’t any teachers watching the kids, and about that the kid just gave him his hair back and the other one put it in his pocket, in his pocket. What the Hell?! Many things to wonder about. And haven’t those parents taught their kids to not let them pull each other’s hair out? Like, this whole situation is crazy like chili sauce in your coffee.

But yeah, I found that this was such a crazy story, I had to share it with the world. Tell me your thoughts on it in the comment section. I really much enjoy these kinds of stories my brother tells me, but this time it went a little nuts… Well, the world is just like that I guess…

So Beside this crazy story, I just want to say that I’ve had readers every day for ten days now, How cool is that?! It’s very cool for me to see that people actually read my stuff and sometimes even like or follow! Thank you guys so much!

Okay so tell me, what’s the weirdest thing you experienced in your childhood at school? And if you want to see more of these kind of posts, please tell me, I have super many weird stories like these….

Thank you for reading ❤

Love always, Laura Grace


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