Embroidery and Notes || Update Post

Dear Reader,

Dotday I don’t really have anything special for you,because I haven’t had any time to write, but I wanted to post something anyways because that’s my new rule. I have been crafting though, so here are some pictures of the things I’m working on/have finished. I’m totally into embroidery since yesterday, hahaha. I guess I have a new ‘obsession’. I’ve been scrolling through so many beautiful embroidery works on Pinterest, and there are so many things I want to make. 

In two weeks, I have  two weeks of holiday, thank god. And in that time, I will post three posts a week! With many DIY’s and cute things!! I can’t wait till school is over… I’m done with school, really. The weather is só nice, and I have to sit inside studying. 😦

But hey, it’s almost over, and then I have two weeks of chillin with friends and sleeping and lots of movies and writing and crafting! I can’t wait! 

Okay so back to the story, here are some pics of the things I’ve made this weekend!

So I made the bee because I’m absolutely in love and obsessed with bees the last few weeks. Me and my mom are going to beekeeping lessons since I think February, we’re learning all about them, and in the future, were planning on getting them as well! It’s super awesome and a good step to help the world a little bit, because bees are really important for us. I will be writing a post about bees in the future as well, cause I have a lot to tell about them! I gave the little embroidered bee to my mom, and she’s very happy with it! As well as the little gift on the last picture, it’s a handmade notebook made out of old Flow Weeklys. I’m still working on the yellow embroidery, but that’s going pretty well! I’ll post a picture when I’m finished!

Good weekend to y’all, and have a lovely day!

Love always, Laura Grace ❤


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