Flower Power || DIY: Flower Embroidery

Dear Reader,

Today I have a DIY for you guys, that I’m really pumped about! My latest “obsession” is embroidery, I know this sounds very lame, but guys, embroidery is super awesome and cute and I don’t even care what people think, cause I love it. So I want to share with you how to embroider 3 kinds of flowers for beginners! It’s really easy and with just these 3 flowers, you can make a super cute design! So let’s start!
  First, above are the things you’ll need. Fabric, an embroidery needle, some thread and scissors. If you have an embroidery ring, it’s easier to work, but it’s not necessarily. I would recommend buying one if you start doing it a lot. I only used 3 kinds of colors, but you can work with more or less, it’s all up to you.

1. French Knot Flower

  You want to take your yellow thread and put it through you needle, make a little knot at the very end and sew right up.

 Now take your thread and twist it around your needle once.

  Go back into the fabric right to the side where you came up.

  Keep the thread nice and tight while pulling.
  Slowly pull tight.

 And voilá! There you go; a French knot! This is now the center of your flower.

  Now take a different color and start making 5 knots around the center one, as you go, be patient and be free to make mistakes! You can always cut it off and try again!

 See! Easy as it is, here you have your very first flower! 
2. Loop Flower 

  Again, come up with your needle.

 Make a French knot as the center.
   Now take your second color. You want to devise the thread in 2 sections, because it will look cleaner. It’s optional, but I like the finishing look better this way.

 Take your second thread and come up again, just beside the center dot.
  Go back in, just beside the place you came up, but leave a small loop.
   Now come up again at the top of the loop as you can see above.

 Go back in at the same spot and lightly pull tight. Here you have your first petal! Repeat this step 4 times.

 Tadaaa! There you have your second flower! Let’s move on to the last one! 

3. Ring flower

  With a pencil, draw a little circle.

 Take you thread and just make these little ‘stripes’ at the outer side of the circle. Go up and down and up and down with your thread.

  Repeat this all around, but leave small spaces between the stripes.

 Now go around again, and make ‘stripes’ once more, but now a little shorter than the ones before. Go all around.

 Now you have the outlines of you flower!

 For the center, make a French knot again. Oh how I love French knots, haha ;).

   There you go! Three adorable little flowers! You can make as many as you want in different designs and all kinds of colors. I’m absolutely in love with these little flowers! I decided that I wanted to finish this work off fully so I made it a little more fancy, as you can see below.

  I made 2 arrow kind of things that make the design a little cooler.

  And then I sew hello to fully top it off and added my own label. I’m planning to start selling these on Etsy, but you guys will hear more about that later! 

 So yeah, here is what I’ve been doing lately. I hope you guys liked it and maybe start picking up embroidery yourself! It’s really simple, realaxing and there is result in no time! Please, if you decide to make something yourself, DM me a picture on Instagram, I would love to see it!

Thank you so much for reading, and see you guys soon again on the inter Webs!

Love a lot, and have yourself a lovely day, 

Laura Grace ❤


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