Paper friends || How to keep a diary and why

Dear Readers,

For as long as I’ve known, I have kept a diary. A few weeks ago I did a post on different ways to keep a diary, but I figured it may be a fun idea to tell you guys how I actually keep up with them. So let’s get started!
First off, let’s talk about why you would write all your secrets and thoughts down in a random notebook. It may seem a as a weird concept to do so, but my diary is like my personal therapist. Often, I have small things in my head that bother me, but I often don’t feel like talking about them so much, in these situations I pick up my diary. It’s like a best friend that doesn’t talk back and you can overreact extremely. Now, I’m not saying that I love my diary as much as my best friend, I love her way more, but you get what I mean, right? So I don’t have many secrets, but sometimes my thoughts take a toll on me, and I really have to get it out of my head, not only by talking, but also by writing. Writing works absolutely the best for me when I’m stressing out or going through a hard time; it’s like my therapist, like for real. (Way cheaper too, by the way 😉  ). 
Beside the therapist stuff, a diary is also a really fun way to memorize certain moments. I have diaries From when I was nine, and there are many things they hold that I would’ve forgotten if it weren’t for the diary writing.

So, if you’re looking for a best friend that doesn’t talk back and at who you can put all your deepest and weirdest thoughts in, take your nearest notebook and name it as your diary.

So now that you have your diary, there comes something to it that seems a little harder to do; keep up with it. This is something almost everyone struggles with, even the hardcore diary keepers. But, sweet people, I have some steps that will help you keep up with your beloved paper friend and fill that little thing up with bullshit.
1. Decide who you are going to write to. Most people begin with dear Diary, but this is a little impersonal and it may help to actually write to someone/something you feel more for. For example, when I got my first hamster, Miep, I decided to write all my secrets to her. I just now realize how sad this sounds, but guys my hamster meant a lot to me and I mean like, I was twelve years old. Now I just write dear diary, beacause there wasn’t really someone else I wanted to write to.
2. Put your diary on your nightstand together with your favourite pen. I always use my fountain pen when I write in my diary, it really helps, seriously. Also putting it on your nightstand helps you remind yourself to write at night.
3. Don’t feel like you have to write. I sometimes don’t write for weeks, please don’t force yourself. Only write if you feel like it and want to.
4. Keep it short! You don’t have to write down every meal you’ve had or how many times you’ve gone to the loo…
5. Pick a nice looking notebook! This absolutely helps a lot! If you don’t like the thing you’re writing in, it’s harder to do so. Pick something that’s perfect for you!
So here you go, I hope these tips make it easier for you guys to keep a diary! And remember, if you don’t like it, stop and find yourself something else to do or keep your memories. It shouldn’t feel like a necessity! I’ll talk to you soon on the inter webs!

Love, L.G.


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