From here to where? || Room Tour and changes

Dear Reader,

The last few weeks have been kind of messy. I’m not doing so well at school, I’m way to lazy and I really gotta get my grades up if I want to pass this year. I know that I will manage, but I just have to work hard.

I have really been way to lazy with school work this year, actually, school in general. And now I’m just so angry at myself for not proving what I have in me. I really have to prove everyone that I actually can handle it. So I decided that I want to make some changes in my life to become more concentrated and focused on school. So besides making lists and all that I wanted to do more. So I narrowed it down, and something that popped up was that my room. I love my room, it’s absolutely me in a nutshell. But the thing is, my room is really “buzy”. Everywhere you look, there’s something on the wall, hanging from the ceiling and laying on the ground. I never feel like it’s completely cleaned up and I have so much stuff, that I forget what I have.

And besides that I love my room, and it’s one of my favorite places to bee, it’s not calming, and not at all a good place to study. So my plans for this summer are; get a clean, calm and quit room. I want to get everything down from my wall and get a calming look with plenty of plants and not so much jazz going on. I just want to be able to sit down, get 100% focused  on my work and don’t get distracted anymore.

I am going to miss my room, very much. But I’m also fed up with it, it’s all over the place and I’m hoping that if my room is neat and clean, my head will be too.

Because I did want to remember my room, I made some pictures of it and decided to share them with you. My room is very personal to me, but I really wanted to share it with you. I’m going turn it around in something totally different anyways. I will update you guys on progress and if you have cool ideas, please share them! I’m going to make some sketches of ideas in my head, and I will post them as well.

Okay so here they come:

This is what my room looks like when you walk in. As you can see, the back wall is really busy, I’ve spent many hours on that, and I still love it, but it’s not what I need right now.

Here you see a different side, and my doors to my balcony. Even my curtains have busy designs on them.

And again the next side of the room with my closet and book shelves.

And the last side.

As you can see, there isn’t a side where it’s just calm to study. Everywhere you look, there’s something going on. and that’s what I’m going to change. I’m going to make a good plan and than I hope to make a fresh and good start next school year with peace, and concentration and a lovely new room. Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura Grace ❤

Oh and P.S. it’s going very well with the tomato plants, look!

If you have something to add, ask or send please feel free to send and e-mail to or visit my Instagram account: _laurathostrup_


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