How to handle mean people || Advise

Dear Reader,
In my life I’ve come across many, many people. All the people that I have ever met, were never the same. Never exactly. They may have had the same hobby’s, personality’s or dreams. But they were never exactly the same. Also in my life I’ve come across a handful of mean people, and though they were never the same, they all had one thing in common. That one thing is, that there is always a reason behind their mean behavior. Some may have had troubles at home, or may have been jealous, insecure or have experienced being bullied themselves.

By this I don’t say that it’s okay that they are mean, or bullies. I just say that there is a reason behind their behavior. Of course, as a kid, you can’t understand this. Mostly. But now that I’m older, I see that bullies are mostly even weaker people than the bullied persons themselves. For every problem there is a reason behind the problem, and that’s exactly what you need to find to understand the problem. I see that this is not the first thing you would think of when being bullied, but you may understand the bully better. That sounds dumb, because the only thing you want to do to mean people is actually punch them in the face at the time being bullied. But I’m not talking about hard core bullies right now, I’m more talking about mean people.

Let me tell you a story:

Once when I was cycling to school, last year, I cycled by these two ‘popular’ looking girls. There were many people cycling because it was the cycling peak hour (XD) and you have to know about me that I dress kind of alternative.So I was wearing my Pink boots, I absolutely love them, and I was wearing just a casual coat and black jeans and I had a french braided up do in my hair. And then I heard them saying something like: “Oh My God, look at those boots…” “yeah and that jacket, Gee..” “So ugly…” And i was like Wait What?! I love those boots! And there is nothing  is wrong with my jacket! And before I could think I turned around, while cycling further, and I smiled at them and waved. Because I knew they did this only to make me feel small,and they were trying to make me insecure. But the thing is, just by looking at these girls I knew they were incredibly insecure, because why would you even do the effort to say things like this to a total stranger? The looks from other people who heard the talk were filled with confuse and kind of proud-full. And then I knew. At this very moment I felt strong. I felt extremely strong. Because what these girls had wanted to do, wasn’t succeeded. I had proven them wrong. God, how I loved that feeling.

The best thing you can do in these kind of situations is to react in a way they wouldn’t expect. Like what I did, they would never think that I would do that. You shouldn’t swear at them, that is something that won’t impress them. Say something random like: Thank you! Wait, do you also have a refrigerator at home, I thought I was thought I was the only one! Cows are blue. Mmm k. Okay. OMG me too, I love toenails! Look there! Pens are round.

I could go on a while. Hahaha I know your thinking What the hell? But that is exactly what they’ll think. A good way to leave them off guard and just by walking away after saying something weird. Never argue with them, that will make you weak. Unless you win the argument, of course, but it’s hard to be brave when bullied.

The sad thing with bullies is, that they feel so much more powerful than you, at least, that is what they think they are. But the next time you see a bully, maybe your bully, just think about it, he/she is so much less strong than you, you are way stronger than him/her. Just keep that in mind. You have at least earned my respect by not being bully. You are strong, good and way higher than that mean person. Don’t let them ruin your life. Never. After all, the bullies are the real losers here, and nobody will like them.

Love, Laura Grace

PS If you ever feel bullied in a way that you don’t feel safe anymore. Please tell close people around you. Please tell someone, you can even tell me. Because those hard core bully sessions aren’t good for anyone. Those shoul,dn’t exist. In this post I’m talking about mean people. Not hardcore Bullies. Please search for help!


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