Things to do in the summer! || My plans

Dear Reader, 

It’s finally vacation! I’m so done with school, I could cry of happiness that it’s vacation. There are now six weeks of doing nothing and no stress. Of course I’m not only just going to sleep and do nothing, there are a few things I definitely want to do, and I have those things listed for you today! It’s nice to make a list for when you are bored; you can easily find something to do. 

  • Sleep under the stars
  • Play hide and seek in the IKEA
  • Send bottle post
  • Read six books
  • Huge cleaning session in my room
  • Star Wars marathon!
  • Walk to Zandvoort aan Zee across the beach
  • Go to Amsterdam ❤
  • Bake day, where we bake as much as we can
  • Swim, a lot! 
  • Chill with friends
  • And lastly, sleep, lost of this one.

I’m hoping to do all these this summer, that would be grand. I’ll keep you guys updated, and I will post more now that it’s vacation! I would love to hear about your plans, feel free to tell me in the comment section down below! 

Thanks for reading,

Love always, Laura Grace


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