Oh how I love the beach…

Dear reader,

Have I ever told you how much I love the beach? Well I will now; I love the beach very much.

There’s something about the beach that I just simply find wonderful; the waves and the sand and the clouds that slowly drift away.  The beach is just has this chill vibe that says: “It’s chill dude, sit down and enjoy the view” (I think this in a surfer dude voice, that finishes it all off very nicely ;)). I love swimming in the always a bit too cold sea and then jumping in the waves. I love searching for beautiful seashells and making necklaces from the ones with holes in them. And I love the salt on my skin and the sand in my hair. The most beautiful sunsets are to be seen at the beach. The colors are so pretty; they almost look unreal.

I love the wind that turns my hair into a big mess and makes it look crazy. I love the beach in the winter too; the sea turns rough and it turns into a beast. When my mind is messed up, I go for a long walk on the beach and then it’s mostly all sorted out again. The sea seems like a big mystery, and I love being part of it while swimming. I love the smell of the salt air and breathing it all in. I love seeing seagulls flying in the horizon and boats sailing on the open sea. And I love cycling home from the beach with bare feet through the dunes. I just love the whole picture of the beach, and I wish for it never to end.

So yeah, that’s how much I love the beach.

Love always, Laura Grace


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