Book review – Zenith by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Dear Reader,

Finally, I’m back in the Netherlands from vacation = WiFi & blog posts! Today I wrote a book review about an epic book I’ve read a few weeks ago. Not only did love this book because my all-time favorite YouTuber wrote it together with the Lindsay Cummings, but the book was totally awesome with fighting chicks in space and an interesting plot. A first in a book series that’s going to be awesome sauce with extra sauce.

The book Zenith is basically about a gang of four space chicks, with Andi as captain of their spaceship; the Maurader. The girls make money of doing missions, and one time it goes horribly wrong when they get in the hands of the bad and they have to go on a dangerous journey to get back their freedom. Here is a link to a more specific review of the story Goodreads review , I’m sorry mine is so awfully short and bad…

It was an easy, short and awesome read! I’m very much looking forward to part two in the Androma Saga and can’t wait to see how it ends with the girl-power squad… I’m so very proud of Sasha and I give her a virtual shoulder tap, ah well why not a big hug? Although she doesn’t know me, I totally look up to her and I adore her very much. As for Lindsay, another awesome peace of work, very proud of her as well!

Of course, the book wasn’t a piece of Shakespeare (luckily not, actually), but for a first book someone has ever written (Sasha), I thought of it as a piece of art! I know how much time they have put in it, and I am so excited that it is being published!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy! We, as the fandoms are so excited for the both of you!! Congrats!!

I have one author tip; I would love to read more in detail, more depth, it would make the book more interesting, like a delicious cake being iced, you get me? I think the plot and idea is totally awesome, really something that’s totally Sasha, we, as your fans totally know how much you love space/alien books (*cough*, J.L.A. AMAZINGGG), but I feel that there could be pulled more out of the idea, as awesome as it is. Anyway, loved it like I love tomato soup (I love tomato soup). Maybe it’s just me wanting more to read because I liked it so much, let me know what you guys think?

I wish Sasha and Lindsay good luck on writing further and I can’t wait to get a grip on part two, and obviously a physical copy of part one!! I wish all the best for you, and for now, may the force be with you as you write your way through space.

Lots of love, Laura Grace ❤


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