Book review – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Dear Reader,
Today I have a book review of the hobbit for you, a wonderful story about a hobbit seeking an adventure together with thirteen dwarves and the grand wizard Gandalf. It was really grand and epic and I can’t believe I didn’t read the book earlier.

The story is about a hobbit, Bilbo Baggings. Hobbits don’t like adventures at all; they avoid them like they’re poison, hobbits try to live a live as ordinary as possible. But one day, the great Gandalf comes across Bilbo’s door and his live will never be as it was before. Bilbo invites Gandalf for tea the next day, but the next day Gandalf wasn’t the only one coming to his door; thirteen dwarves come trooping in his house and eat all his cake. To his surprise, Gandalf has chosen Bilbo to attend on the quest of the dwarves, a quest to steal the gold that lies under the belly of dragon Smaug, an evil and dangerous dragon that no one dares to go near. To his own surprise, Bilbo attends on the quest and on their way to Smaug, they witness great adventures and dangerous happenings. An adventure of great danger, friendship and braveness.

I absolutely fell in love with this book the moment Bilbo left his hobbit hole. I love fiction very much, as well as I love hobbits ever since reading the book. I think the book is very well thought through, and written by a very special set of brains. The characters were very well put together as well as the storyline. The book had so many special moments, awesome creatures and just the right amount of fighting scenes. I think this is the best book I’ve read in some time, and I guess it will always stay high up in my top ten of best books. If you’re looking for an absolutely epic fiction book filled with mystery and fantasy creatures, this will be just what you’re looking for.

The only thing that I missed a little bit was some romance. It isn’t like it had to be in there, I just would’ve liked reading a little bit more chemistry. But anyhow, I loved the book.

Oh and guys, the book has a map, a map. Books with maps are just ten times better than books without maps. Maybe that’s not a good way to look at books, but whatever. I love maps.

Five out of five stars definitely.

Love, L.G.




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