Meet my baby’s || we got kittens!!!

Dear Reader, 

Since 2 weeks, we have two new family members, Ronja and Vosje, our new kittens! We’re all absolutely in love with them and I can watch them play for hours… 

We got the two from a very nice cat owner, around two weeks ago. When they first came, they were both a little shy, but after a few hours they were already settled in and they were playing with the toys we got them. Ronja, the white cat, is called after the  book Ronja the robbers daughter from Astrid Lindgren. The name suits her very well as she is very cheeky and is already chasing after spiders and small insects that live in our house. The red one is called Vosje, which means fox in Dutch, because, of course, he is red. The two are inseparable and as Ronja takes the lead, Vosje follows her around everywhere. They love snuggling together in the sun that shines through the windows and when you sit on the couch, they come to great you with a cuddle and a very cute miauw. I can’t stop playing with them in the morning and I’m so so so happy that we finally got two little lions! I can’t believe how tame they have become in just this little time, and I will never stop loving them! Here are some pictures of my babies! (Sorry for the bad quality, the pics were taken on my phone…).

Love Always, Laura Grace & the babies ❤


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