Open your eyes to your own beauty

Dear Reader,

I might not have sun kissed skin, Kylie Jenner’s lips, a thigh gap, a flat stomach, long fingers, a big butt, hairless everything and thin legs. I might not have big blue eyes perfectly curled hair and long perfectly painted nails. I might not be model long or cute and small. But I’m perfect the way I am, and I think it’s disgusting that nowadays media is making millions of girls and boys feel like they need to look a specific way to be seen as beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are, and no one should ever touch your beauty.

I’ve always dressed outside the lines of “standards”. I wouldn’t say that I was standing out very much because of that, it never affected my social life. I still wear clothes that aren’t standard, and I still am not affected in a bad way by it. Sure, sometimes I get the looks, but I don’t mind, because it is who I am and I feel most beautiful that way. I don’t like the way jeans and shirts look on me, I don’t care about clothes with specific brands on them, I just really don’t care about what everyone thinks. I don’t mind wearing no makeup, and I don’t mind wearing makeup either, I mind only the way I think it looks on me, for me.

I don’t mind the girls and boys talking bad about me around my back, and I don’t mind stares. Because all that counts, is that you are happy, and that you are surrounded by the ones that make you happy. If you let all of it go, all of the comments, the critics, you will feel so relieved. So please, please stop feeling insecure about things other people tell you to feel insecure about. Because you really are perfect just the way you are made. If you, like me, don’t have the perfect body, rock it, stand out; get out of that flock of people trying to all look the same. Be yourself and own all you “imperfections”. I don’t believe in imperfections, they don’t exist in my vocabulary.

Sure, I’m insecure sometimes, and sure, I don’t always like the way I look. But when I look back at these kinds of moments, the insecurities mostly come up because the internet told me to be thin and look certain ways I just don’t look. And I almost feel ashamed for myself that I let them walk over me. And I’m done letting them. I am not a model. But I’m me. And that’s just the way I should be.

And I’m mad at all the magazines, all the social media, all the mean girls and boys at school. I’m mad at all the people that make the perfect people feel imperfect. And I’m done thinking about what the world might think of me. They can go think and say all they want, because I know better, and I know better than all of them. And I feel so bad for everyone who is a victim of social media. No one deserves that. Social media nowadays tell small girls of only thirteen years old that they have to shave their legs, put tons of make up on, dress the way everyone dresses, and take pictures of themselves where they almost look like sex object. Is that woman’s empowerment? No! We should tell our youth, that they can be and dress and look whatever way they’re comfortable in! Why do we teach our girls and boys that they have to fit in to this mold, and if they don’t, they’re not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful, and I hate the way that so many people get treated by society. I get só angry when I see it happening, reading it, hearing it.

The thing is, we should stop comparing each other to others. You should look at yourself, as an individual, and when you start doing that, you will see your beauty. You will get to know yourself, and your own beautiful features. Open your eyes to your own beauty.

All the models looking like sticks, all the girls putting layers and layers of foundation on, all the girls shaving every inch of their body, all the people getting lip injections, all the girls straightening or curling they hair. I’m done with it all.

And I’m not saying you can’t get injections, or shave your body or be slim. I’m just asking you, are you doing it because you truly want it, or are you doing it because they want you to do it.

I was glad to see a commercial of H&M with a big variation of body types, colors and looks. And I’m glad that more and more people stand up and speak. Because it is really a problem. (Here is a link to the H&M commercial

If you’re fat, rock it. If you’re thin, rock it. If you have a birthmark, rock it. If you are pale as milk, rock it. If you’re as dark as the night, rock it. If you are “imperfect”, rock it. Rock all your looks.

I’ve learned long ago, that not everyone will think that I am pretty, perfect or beautiful. And I’ve learned long ago, that I will not always think that I am pretty, perfect or beautiful. But I am. And so are you. I don’t care what they think about my features. The only thing I care about is that I am happy, and I feel beautiful and that the whole world is able to be beautiful the way they are. And I see it as my duty, as a teenager, to help as many girls as I can to feel beautiful again, just as I learned years ago.

Beauty is not to be labeled. There is not a specific look that is beautiful, and I don’t think that enough girls and boys realize this. Everyone is perfect in a special way. Don’t you ever dare feel like you’re not. Raise your chin, swing your hips, shoulders back and go rock the world. Cause you are beautiful.

You are beautiful whatever they tell you. Please don’t let them touch your beauty.

Love always, Laura Grace



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