How to save money || tips & tricks

Dear Reader,

How are you? I’m doing fine, there’s just something that has been going a little downhill the last few weeks/months, and no that’s not my taste in music or my grades, it’s the numbers on my bank account. I’m trying to save money for a new laptop for months now, but I find it so hard to save money and I really want to change that because I’m not only not getting that new laptop, I’m also just spending my money on stupid things that don’t matter. Soooo, here is a blog post to help myself and my fellow money spenders to stop spending your money on things that aren’t important.

#1. Stop spending your money on food.

The first thing I saw when I looked at my spending, was that I spend way too much money on food and drinks. Not only do I go on Mac Donalds dates with my friends a lot, I also just learned about this place that sells the most AMAZING ice coffee that I’ve ever tasted (shoutout to Mikki <3), and I can’t stop buying it. But….. Is it really necessary to buy all this? no, not really. I mean, okay maybe I really need this ice coffee once in a while, but, we can also just bring food and drinks from home and go to the beach in stead of spending our money on bad quality food in a crappy Mac Donalds. So, from now on I’m going to spend as less money as I can on food and just remember to bring food from home.

#2. Just don’t bring money with you all the time, or a specific amount.

When I go out shopping with my friends, I mostly don’t really think about how much I spend, and when I come home from a long day in the city, I look at my bank account and say oooopsss. So, from now on I’m only bringing a certain amount of money with me that I am okay with spending. We often go to the city when we’re done with school, and even though I wasn’t planning on buying things, I often end up buying a lot of stuff I don’t need. So, I think I’m just not going to bring my wallet to school every day, and when I really want something I can just borrow the money from my friends.

#3. Before you buy something, think about if you really need it.

Before it’s too late and you have already purchased your item think about if you really need the item you have in your hands. It helps when you range it from 1-10, if it’s not at least a 8, don’t buy it!! Think about if you really need it and if it’s going to add up to what you already have.

That’s it for now guys. I hope I helped you guys a little, as well as myself… I really have to stop spending so much money, and from this day, I will! (I hope, hahaha).

Thanks for reading and lots of love!

Love always, L.G. ❤


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