3 Ways to use olive oil in your beauty routine

Dear Reader,

My skin has always been very sensitive for perfumes and body lotions, my skin begins to burn and gets red. Because of this, my mom began to use natural products on me from a very young age. Natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil and coffee grounds are very moisturizing and healing. Besides the fact that these natural products don’t sting and burn, mean they are natural and healthy. There are so many ingredients in beauty products like creams and makeup removers, and I don’t really want to put something on my body that I’m not sure about what it is and if it’s good for my health or not. My favorite oil to use in my daily beauty routine is olive oil, the golden liquid has many more ways you can use it than you think. Here are 3 ways to use olive oil in your daily beauty routine and live in a more natural way.

#1. Make-up remover

Do you know the feeling of getting make-up remover in your eyes and then having irritated eyes the rest of your evening? Well, say goodbye to that feeling, because olive oil will be your new non-stinging make-up remover. Just put some drops on a little olive oil on a tissue and rub away your make-up like you usually would. It works like magic, your make-up will be gone in no time.

#2. Moisturizer

I’ve never had a softer skin than after using olive oil as a moisturizer. We often go to the beach, and the sand, sun and salty water always makes my skin very dry. What I mostly do after a beach day, or if my whole body is very dry, is taking a shower, then putting some olive oil in my hand and put it all over my body. I do this after I’ve washed myself with soap and I dry off as usual. Your skin will feel very soft. This is also perfect for people with very sensitive skin, it won’t sting at all.

#3. Anti dandruff

I’ve tried almost every anti dandruff shampoo that’s out there, but nothing works, my dandruff always seems to get worse when I use anti dendruff shampoo. But I’ve finally found something that works, surprise surprise; olive oil. The best way to use olive oil as a anti dandruff treatment is to put it all over your scalp before going to bed, thenit will have enough time to really do its job and sink into your skin. The next day, wash your hair with shampoo twice, to get all the oils out and then condition with condtitioner. Your skalp will be free from dandruff, or almost dandruff free, and feel way less itchy. I do this once a week. Make sure to clean your pillowcase after sleeping on it with oily hair.

So here are 3 ways to use this amazing product in your daily routine. I hope to hear from you what you think if you try anything out! Olive oil is Avery powerful and wonderful product and it’s also very affordable. I always buy a little pump in the grocery store like in the picture above. 

Good luck  and have a good day!

Love always, L.G. ❤


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