How to hand sew a little bag || DIY

Dear Reader,

I often sew little bags like the one above in the picture, and I figured it might be fun to show you guys how I mostly make them. So here you go!

DSCN1063The things you will need: Some cute fabric, needle and thread, scissors, paper, a ruler, a pencil.

DSCN1065First you have to decide how big you want your little bag to be. I decided to make it 14 by 8 centimeters. Then make a pattern and cut it out. I also wanted a little heart in the front, but you can choose anything for this, for example a flower.

DSCN1067Cut your pattern out two times; you need two sides to make a bag.


DSCN1069First go ahead and sew on the heart on the front.

DSCN1072DSCN1073DSCN1074I end my stitching by going in and out and leaving a loop, then I go through the loop and pull it tight. I repeat this two or three times at the same spot. Then I cut the Thread of, but not too short because otherwise it will come loose.

DSCN1075Now put the two sides together the ‘wrong’ way around and sew one of the long sides together.

DSCN1076DSCN1077Now sew two cm down the two sides from the top like I did in the pictures.

DSCN1079DSCN1080Now fold it double, you create the loop for the ribbon like this.

DSCN1082Sew it together.

DSCN1084DSCN1086Now fold the whole thing double again and stick it all up.

DSCN1087DSCN1088Turn your bag inside out.

DSCN1090Take a cute ribbon and a big needle, put the ribbon through the space you’ve created for it.

DSCN1092DSCN1095DSCN1097Tadaaaa! To finish it off, put to big beads at the ends of the ribbon and make a tight knot. It’s very cute to give a little handmade bag like this to one of your friends, a family member or a little kid. Have fun and feel free to ask me any question if I was unclear!

Good luck and love always,

Laura Grace ❤

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