Fave youtubers ATM

Dear Reader,

How are you doing? I’m really good :). I have one and a half week left of my summer break and I kinda feel okay with that. I just miss all my friends and the routine and I just really want to slay my last ever year in high school, hahaha. But….the last few weeks I’ve been binge watching some youtube channels and I really wanted to share them with you!

#1. Conan Gray

Conan is absolutely amazing! I love him so much, hahaha. He posts covers, original songs, baking vids, monthly faves, vlogs, chatty vids and much more. He is very creative and cute and he is really aesthetically pleasing. Idk just please look at his channel, you’ll fall in love with him within 3 seconds. His channel

#2. Hi I’m Mimi

Mimi is also a very cute and lovely youtuber, she kinda reminds me of Conan someway. She’s from Sweden and also posts covers, original songs, chatty vids and all kinds of things. Also very aestheticslly pleasing and amazingly cute. She’s just someone you want to be friends with. Her bubbly personality makes me happy whatever is happening in my life. Her channel

#3. Life with Beans

Life with beans is a channel run by a mom and dad with 6 kids, you hear it right, 6 kids. They make vlogs of their everyday life and it’s very cute and fun to see what’s going on in their lives and to see the little ones grow! A happy and lovely family! their channel

#4. Ruby Granger

Ruby makes videos mostly related to school, reading and studying. I really like how different her videos are from the usual youtube videos and how unique she is. She really dares to be herself and she thinks education is the most important thing there is. She is a huge fan of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and I really think that’s way too cute. Every time I watch one of her videos I fell like learning and making school work, which is strange, but great, hahaha. Her channel

soon that’s it for now, if you have the time, I would strongly suggest you checking them out! Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura Grace


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