Childhood memories

Dear Reader,

Last week I found my old Tamagotchi’s back, I was and am absolutely excited about it! I put in new batteries and when I heard the beeping sound and saw the pixel eggs unhatching, it felt like I was six years old again.


It came to my mind how quickly everything has changed, when we were little, and the Tamagochi and PixelChick came out, it was such a big deal, and then the Nintendo DS. but now my little brothers walk around with IPads and Phones, they basically have the world in their hands. I’m not trying to say that that’s bad and that they don’t have a youth, I just want them to know how everything was only ten years ago.

I remember watching Totally Spies and everyone dreamed of having that magical watch, we would play that we had them and then laugh because it seemed so silly, and you know what? Now they exist! How incredible is that! Things aren’t undoable anymore, your imagination can not run wild enough.

On satudray nights we used to go to the video library and hire video’s. My brother and I always fought about which video we should see. I loved those evenings, when we really took the time to sit down and watch a movie with the whole family.

I can remember that we would go to friends and all bring our Nintendo DS so we could chat with eachother one room apart and it was just so amazing. We would play Mario Cart together and play each other’s games. We had a great time. 

Sometimes I miss those moments and things from my youth, but I’m so happy and grateful for everything we have now. We have the world in our hands and you know, the world is everchanging, and that’s amazing, I’m excited for what the future may bring us. 

Love, L.G. ❤


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