3 lovely hairstyles 

Dear Reader,

Here are 3 little hairstyles I did sometime ago!

Love, L.G.

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Childhood memories

Dear Reader,

Last week I found my old Tamagotchi’s back, I was and am absolutely excited about it! I put in new batteries and when I heard the beeping sound and saw the pixel eggs unhatching, it felt like I was six years old again.


It came to my mind how quickly everything has changed, when we were little, and the Tamagochi and PixelChick came out, it was such a big deal, and then the Nintendo DS. but now my little brothers walk around with IPads and Phones, they basically have the world in their hands. I’m not trying to say that that’s bad and that they don’t have a youth, I just want them to know how everything was only ten years ago.

I remember watching Totally Spies and everyone dreamed of having that magical watch, we would play that we had them and then laugh because it seemed so silly, and you know what? Now they exist! How incredible is that! Things aren’t undoable anymore, your imagination can not run wild enough.

On satudray nights we used to go to the video library and hire video’s. My brother and I always fought about which video we should see. I loved those evenings, when we really took the time to sit down and watch a movie with the whole family.

I can remember that we would go to friends and all bring our Nintendo DS so we could chat with eachother one room apart and it was just so amazing. We would play Mario Cart together and play each other’s games. We had a great time. 

Sometimes I miss those moments and things from my youth, but I’m so happy and grateful for everything we have now. We have the world in our hands and you know, the world is everchanging, and that’s amazing, I’m excited for what the future may bring us. 

Love, L.G. ❤

Fave youtubers ATM

Dear Reader,

How are you doing? I’m really good :). I have one and a half week left of my summer break and I kinda feel okay with that. I just miss all my friends and the routine and I just really want to slay my last ever year in high school, hahaha. But….the last few weeks I’ve been binge watching some youtube channels and I really wanted to share them with you!

#1. Conan Gray

Conan is absolutely amazing! I love him so much, hahaha. He posts covers, original songs, baking vids, monthly faves, vlogs, chatty vids and much more. He is very creative and cute and he is really aesthetically pleasing. Idk just please look at his channel, you’ll fall in love with him within 3 seconds. His channel

#2. Hi I’m Mimi

Mimi is also a very cute and lovely youtuber, she kinda reminds me of Conan someway. She’s from Sweden and also posts covers, original songs, chatty vids and all kinds of things. Also very aestheticslly pleasing and amazingly cute. She’s just someone you want to be friends with. Her bubbly personality makes me happy whatever is happening in my life. Her channel

#3. Life with Beans

Life with beans is a channel run by a mom and dad with 6 kids, you hear it right, 6 kids. They make vlogs of their everyday life and it’s very cute and fun to see what’s going on in their lives and to see the little ones grow! A happy and lovely family! their channel

#4. Ruby Granger

Ruby makes videos mostly related to school, reading and studying. I really like how different her videos are from the usual youtube videos and how unique she is. She really dares to be herself and she thinks education is the most important thing there is. She is a huge fan of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and I really think that’s way too cute. Every time I watch one of her videos I fell like learning and making school work, which is strange, but great, hahaha. Her channel

soon that’s it for now, if you have the time, I would strongly suggest you checking them out! Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura Grace

How to hand sew a little bag || DIY

Dear Reader,

I often sew little bags like the one above in the picture, and I figured it might be fun to show you guys how I mostly make them. So here you go!

DSCN1063The things you will need: Some cute fabric, needle and thread, scissors, paper, a ruler, a pencil.

DSCN1065First you have to decide how big you want your little bag to be. I decided to make it 14 by 8 centimeters. Then make a pattern and cut it out. I also wanted a little heart in the front, but you can choose anything for this, for example a flower.

DSCN1067Cut your pattern out two times; you need two sides to make a bag.


DSCN1069First go ahead and sew on the heart on the front.

DSCN1072DSCN1073DSCN1074I end my stitching by going in and out and leaving a loop, then I go through the loop and pull it tight. I repeat this two or three times at the same spot. Then I cut the Thread of, but not too short because otherwise it will come loose.

DSCN1075Now put the two sides together the ‘wrong’ way around and sew one of the long sides together.

DSCN1076DSCN1077Now sew two cm down the two sides from the top like I did in the pictures.

DSCN1079DSCN1080Now fold it double, you create the loop for the ribbon like this.

DSCN1082Sew it together.

DSCN1084DSCN1086Now fold the whole thing double again and stick it all up.

DSCN1087DSCN1088Turn your bag inside out.

DSCN1090Take a cute ribbon and a big needle, put the ribbon through the space you’ve created for it.

DSCN1092DSCN1095DSCN1097Tadaaaa! To finish it off, put to big beads at the ends of the ribbon and make a tight knot. It’s very cute to give a little handmade bag like this to one of your friends, a family member or a little kid. Have fun and feel free to ask me any question if I was unclear!

Good luck and love always,

Laura Grace ❤

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