Book review – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Dear Reader,
Today I have a book review of the hobbit for you, a wonderful story about a hobbit seeking an adventure together with thirteen dwarves and the grand wizard Gandalf. It was really grand and epic and I can’t believe I didn’t read the book earlier.

The story is about a hobbit, Bilbo Baggings. Hobbits don’t like adventures at all; they avoid them like they’re poison, hobbits try to live a live as ordinary as possible. But one day, the great Gandalf comes across Bilbo’s door and his live will never be as it was before. Bilbo invites Gandalf for tea the next day, but the next day Gandalf wasn’t the only one coming to his door; thirteen dwarves come trooping in his house and eat all his cake. To his surprise, Gandalf has chosen Bilbo to attend on the quest of the dwarves, a quest to steal the gold that lies under the belly of dragon Smaug, an evil and dangerous dragon that no one dares to go near. To his own surprise, Bilbo attends on the quest and on their way to Smaug, they witness great adventures and dangerous happenings. An adventure of great danger, friendship and braveness.

I absolutely fell in love with this book the moment Bilbo left his hobbit hole. I love fiction very much, as well as I love hobbits ever since reading the book. I think the book is very well thought through, and written by a very special set of brains. The characters were very well put together as well as the storyline. The book had so many special moments, awesome creatures and just the right amount of fighting scenes. I think this is the best book I’ve read in some time, and I guess it will always stay high up in my top ten of best books. If you’re looking for an absolutely epic fiction book filled with mystery and fantasy creatures, this will be just what you’re looking for.

The only thing that I missed a little bit was some romance. It isn’t like it had to be in there, I just would’ve liked reading a little bit more chemistry. But anyhow, I loved the book.

Oh and guys, the book has a map, a map. Books with maps are just ten times better than books without maps. Maybe that’s not a good way to look at books, but whatever. I love maps.

Five out of five stars definitely.

Love, L.G.




Book review – Zenith by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Dear Reader,

Finally, I’m back in the Netherlands from vacation = WiFi & blog posts! Today I wrote a book review about an epic book I’ve read a few weeks ago. Not only did love this book because my all-time favorite YouTuber wrote it together with the Lindsay Cummings, but the book was totally awesome with fighting chicks in space and an interesting plot. A first in a book series that’s going to be awesome sauce with extra sauce.

The book Zenith is basically about a gang of four space chicks, with Andi as captain of their spaceship; the Maurader. The girls make money of doing missions, and one time it goes horribly wrong when they get in the hands of the bad and they have to go on a dangerous journey to get back their freedom. Here is a link to a more specific review of the story Goodreads review , I’m sorry mine is so awfully short and bad…

It was an easy, short and awesome read! I’m very much looking forward to part two in the Androma Saga and can’t wait to see how it ends with the girl-power squad… I’m so very proud of Sasha and I give her a virtual shoulder tap, ah well why not a big hug? Although she doesn’t know me, I totally look up to her and I adore her very much. As for Lindsay, another awesome peace of work, very proud of her as well!

Of course, the book wasn’t a piece of Shakespeare (luckily not, actually), but for a first book someone has ever written (Sasha), I thought of it as a piece of art! I know how much time they have put in it, and I am so excited that it is being published!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy! We, as the fandoms are so excited for the both of you!! Congrats!!

I have one author tip; I would love to read more in detail, more depth, it would make the book more interesting, like a delicious cake being iced, you get me? I think the plot and idea is totally awesome, really something that’s totally Sasha, we, as your fans totally know how much you love space/alien books (*cough*, J.L.A. AMAZINGGG), but I feel that there could be pulled more out of the idea, as awesome as it is. Anyway, loved it like I love tomato soup (I love tomato soup). Maybe it’s just me wanting more to read because I liked it so much, let me know what you guys think?

I wish Sasha and Lindsay good luck on writing further and I can’t wait to get a grip on part two, and obviously a physical copy of part one!! I wish all the best for you, and for now, may the force be with you as you write your way through space.

Lots of love, Laura Grace ❤

Book Review: Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell


as you can see above, the book. ❤ So this is a special addition, cause normally the book is blue with pink letters, but I love this edition sooo much. Just look at it! also the illustrations, sooo cute! A perfect book cover! (Soory about the bad quality, my camera has no batteries left, sorry!)
Dear Reader,

Holy maceroni peanuts, I just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and oh my. It was just such a cute book! This was exactly the kind of book I needed to read this time of the year, so so so cute! A perfect holiday read, not because it’s so wintery or something, but omg the feels. It was cute, a fast read and light. A mega cute story with a deeper story behind it. The plot and storyline was really well put together, and guys, let us just accept the fact that 1) The athour’s name is Rainbow. 2) The main character, Cather, writes fanfic and is an ultra Fangirl. And, 3) look at the book cover. Sooooo cute! This book makes me want to write my own fanfic. Let me tell you about the summery. 

The story is about Cather, or as she prefers, Cath. She and her twin sister are have grown up inseparable and now they’re off to college. Her twin, Wren, thinks it’s good for them if they try to go their own ways in college, so that they wouldn’t be seen as the twins and that they can find their own ways. Cath isn’t pumped by this idea at all, and feels horrible about leaving for college. She dislikes everything about new situations. They go off and Cath meets her new roommate, she isn’t up to make new friends at all, and is pleased to see that her roommate Reagen isn’t, either. Cath feels very unhappy and her out way of the real world is writing. She has thousands of readers on her webpage Fanfixx, where she writes fanfic about Simon Snow, a mega popular book and movie series. This is her escape and she lives just in between this magic world of Simon Snow and her college life. Through the weeks Cath and Reagan become sort of non-friends but friends. She also meets a boy, Nick who she really likes to write with for her fiction writing classes and she also finds herself falling in love with a very neat boy. But her bond with her sister becomes less and less, Cath feels like her best friend is gone. Meanwhile her dad is going crazy of loneliness and her mom tries to return to their lives after years. In her head everything is messed up and she wonders if she’ll ever survive her life, college and her family.

 So guys, that’s it in short. Uhm, yeah. Let’s just say that the best way to describe this book in one word is; lovely. Easy, cute and neat. I could really see myself in the main character, I very much dislike new situations, too. I think that made it even more nice to read. The only thing I found less good about the book was the ending. I liked the very end, it’s  hard to explain to someone who I can’t spoil the book to, well let’s just say that I didn’t find it that powerful. But it doesn’t really matter, because the ending was very sweet. But I am left with a few questions. Maybe that’s the point of Rainbow Rowell. Maybe it was actually a good end. Wow. Okay never mind. It was a good end. I’m going to read the end again in a bit. Okay and further, I will very much recommend you to read this book, give it to yourself for Christmas, or just go to the bookstore now and buy the book and read it. Haha, well, I hope you liked to read this review. There’s a New Years revolution post coming up, so stay tuned for that. For more information about upcoming posts you can follow me on Instagram, my user name is _laurathostrup_ . thank you for reading!

Love, L.G.

Book Review: The LUX Series

Dear Reader,

Today I’m going to write a review about one of my favourite book series! I’m totally obsessed with the series, and I get sparks in my tummy every time I re-read my fave parts. I picked up these books because of Sasha Alsberg, one of my favourite book tubers. First off I was like; is this going to be my thing? But after reading the first page I new this was perfection, holy crackers! 

So let me start with the actual review.

The story is about a girl, named Katy. Katy moves to a small town together with her mom, because of her moms job. Katy doesn’t really expect much, just a town with one streetlight and one main way. When they arrive, Katy wants to get plants and some food, so she decides to ask their new neighbors. When she rings the door, a super handsome boy, who is shirtless, opens the door. She is stunned by his looks and finds their new living place a whole more interesting now. Until he opens his mouth. He turned out to be a totally good looking, hot and charming ultra douche.  Katy finds her way to the stores but just can’t find out why he is so mean to her, she never did him any harm. Katy decides that it’s the best to just ignore him, but that plan changes when she learns that he has a sister, Dee. That changes everything because Dee and Katy become best friends. But even though Dee is super sweet, she finds the two a little odd. They live all by themselves and they’re a little mysterious. Dee and Katy grow closer, but Deamon (the brother of Dee), just gets meaner and she just can’t get around why, she hasn’t done anything to him. The worst part is that she finds him absolutely attractive.  But then one night something that could’ve turned out horribly, turns out to something that is supers scary, too. She finds out why the two act so oddly. They are aliens. And not green, slimy aliens, but light aliens from the Lux species. Her neighbors are real life aliens, and suddenly her life is never as it was. 

Okay so this is just a tiny piece of everything, but it is so awesome! Also the fact that Katy is a book blogger, that just makes the books 10 times better. I really love the characters, and especially Dee and Deamon, and, of course our bad-ass Katy. The books are chick flick, but mixed with action, aliens aliens and hybrids. It really filled with awesomesause and many funny parts. The books actually made me laugh out loud, and that doesn’t happen that often to me when I’m reading. They also made me cry, feel stresses, emotional, in love and just boom! I also think I can add a new fictional boyfriend to my list, because Deamon Black is rally hard to resist, omg! He is just everything that is cool, although he still is a douche… I’m totally in love again with someone that doesn’t exist, and I don’t even care. Oh and I love Dee and Katy so much too! And all the other characters, omg Luc! How could I forget him? He is just so cool, I want him to be my guy friend, not boyfriend, but guy friend. Wow. 

Maybe I should stop writing because I’m totally fangirling again. Calm down Laura, calm down.

So, if you don’t know what to read next or you just want more books, or I don’t know. Just please read these books. They are easy reads, the first two parts don’t give you any brain damage and they’re just sooooooo good. Hahaha really ensuring. But there are many plot twists, so be prepared. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Love always, Laura Grace.