How to hand sew a little bag || DIY

Dear Reader,

I often sew little bags like the one above in the picture, and I figured it might be fun to show you guys how I mostly make them. So here you go!

DSCN1063The things you will need: Some cute fabric, needle and thread, scissors, paper, a ruler, a pencil.

DSCN1065First you have to decide how big you want your little bag to be. I decided to make it 14 by 8 centimeters. Then make a pattern and cut it out. I also wanted a little heart in the front, but you can choose anything for this, for example a flower.

DSCN1067Cut your pattern out two times; you need two sides to make a bag.


DSCN1069First go ahead and sew on the heart on the front.

DSCN1072DSCN1073DSCN1074I end my stitching by going in and out and leaving a loop, then I go through the loop and pull it tight. I repeat this two or three times at the same spot. Then I cut the Thread of, but not too short because otherwise it will come loose.

DSCN1075Now put the two sides together the ‘wrong’ way around and sew one of the long sides together.

DSCN1076DSCN1077Now sew two cm down the two sides from the top like I did in the pictures.

DSCN1079DSCN1080Now fold it double, you create the loop for the ribbon like this.

DSCN1082Sew it together.

DSCN1084DSCN1086Now fold the whole thing double again and stick it all up.

DSCN1087DSCN1088Turn your bag inside out.

DSCN1090Take a cute ribbon and a big needle, put the ribbon through the space you’ve created for it.

DSCN1092DSCN1095DSCN1097Tadaaaa! To finish it off, put to big beads at the ends of the ribbon and make a tight knot. It’s very cute to give a little handmade bag like this to one of your friends, a family member or a little kid. Have fun and feel free to ask me any question if I was unclear!

Good luck and love always,

Laura Grace ❤

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How to: “fake” calligraphy

Dear Reader,

How are you? Today I will show you how to I “fake” calligraphy. It’s an easy way to make beautiful letters without the fuss of buying a calligraphy pen and dealing with practicing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my calligraphy pen, but this way of calligraphy is also very nice. 

First you have to write a word or letter out, make sure to leave some space between the letters when writing a word. I used my fountain pen with black ink, but any pen will do. I also like to use black stabile fine liners.It’s a little bit hard to explain, but every time when you go down while writing a letter, you have to make a dubble line, so that you create a blank space.

Now fill in these spaces you have created and make all the lines a little bit sharper.

And that’s that! It’s really easy when you get the hang of it. I love to make nice letters on cards and notebooks to jazz them up a bit. I’m still not a pro, but practice makes master! Good luck and make sure to send me a picture of Your finished result on my instagram .

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 

Love always, Laura Grace

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Address Book // DIY

Dear Reader,

Today I found myself searching for my brothers address I once wrote in a random notebook, couldn’t find it, and I figured I had to change my organization a little…. So I made myself an address book, and I took pictures of the progress so that you guys can get some inspiration yourself! Enjoy.

As you can see, very simple and cute. Just use some glue, pens and paper. Hope you liked it, I’ll write soon again. 
Love always, 


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From here to where? || Room Tour and changes

Dear Reader,

The last few weeks have been kind of messy. I’m not doing so well at school, I’m way to lazy and I really gotta get my grades up if I want to pass this year. I know that I will manage, but I just have to work hard.

I have really been way to lazy with school work this year, actually, school in general. And now I’m just so angry at myself for not proving what I have in me. I really have to prove everyone that I actually can handle it. So I decided that I want to make some changes in my life to become more concentrated and focused on school. So besides making lists and all that I wanted to do more. So I narrowed it down, and something that popped up was that my room. I love my room, it’s absolutely me in a nutshell. But the thing is, my room is really “buzy”. Everywhere you look, there’s something on the wall, hanging from the ceiling and laying on the ground. I never feel like it’s completely cleaned up and I have so much stuff, that I forget what I have.

And besides that I love my room, and it’s one of my favorite places to bee, it’s not calming, and not at all a good place to study. So my plans for this summer are; get a clean, calm and quit room. I want to get everything down from my wall and get a calming look with plenty of plants and not so much jazz going on. I just want to be able to sit down, get 100% focused  on my work and don’t get distracted anymore.

I am going to miss my room, very much. But I’m also fed up with it, it’s all over the place and I’m hoping that if my room is neat and clean, my head will be too.

Because I did want to remember my room, I made some pictures of it and decided to share them with you. My room is very personal to me, but I really wanted to share it with you. I’m going turn it around in something totally different anyways. I will update you guys on progress and if you have cool ideas, please share them! I’m going to make some sketches of ideas in my head, and I will post them as well.

Okay so here they come:

This is what my room looks like when you walk in. As you can see, the back wall is really busy, I’ve spent many hours on that, and I still love it, but it’s not what I need right now.

Here you see a different side, and my doors to my balcony. Even my curtains have busy designs on them.

And again the next side of the room with my closet and book shelves.

And the last side.

As you can see, there isn’t a side where it’s just calm to study. Everywhere you look, there’s something going on. and that’s what I’m going to change. I’m going to make a good plan and than I hope to make a fresh and good start next school year with peace, and concentration and a lovely new room. Thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura Grace ❤

Oh and P.S. it’s going very well with the tomato plants, look!

If you have something to add, ask or send please feel free to send and e-mail to or visit my Instagram account: _laurathostrup_

Flower Power || DIY: Flower Embroidery

Dear Reader,

Today I have a DIY for you guys, that I’m really pumped about! My latest “obsession” is embroidery, I know this sounds very lame, but guys, embroidery is super awesome and cute and I don’t even care what people think, cause I love it. So I want to share with you how to embroider 3 kinds of flowers for beginners! It’s really easy and with just these 3 flowers, you can make a super cute design! So let’s start!
  First, above are the things you’ll need. Fabric, an embroidery needle, some thread and scissors. If you have an embroidery ring, it’s easier to work, but it’s not necessarily. I would recommend buying one if you start doing it a lot. I only used 3 kinds of colors, but you can work with more or less, it’s all up to you.

1. French Knot Flower

  You want to take your yellow thread and put it through you needle, make a little knot at the very end and sew right up.

 Now take your thread and twist it around your needle once.

  Go back into the fabric right to the side where you came up.

  Keep the thread nice and tight while pulling.
  Slowly pull tight.

 And voilá! There you go; a French knot! This is now the center of your flower.

  Now take a different color and start making 5 knots around the center one, as you go, be patient and be free to make mistakes! You can always cut it off and try again!

 See! Easy as it is, here you have your very first flower! 
2. Loop Flower 

  Again, come up with your needle.

 Make a French knot as the center.
   Now take your second color. You want to devise the thread in 2 sections, because it will look cleaner. It’s optional, but I like the finishing look better this way.

 Take your second thread and come up again, just beside the center dot.
  Go back in, just beside the place you came up, but leave a small loop.
   Now come up again at the top of the loop as you can see above.

 Go back in at the same spot and lightly pull tight. Here you have your first petal! Repeat this step 4 times.

 Tadaaa! There you have your second flower! Let’s move on to the last one! 

3. Ring flower

  With a pencil, draw a little circle.

 Take you thread and just make these little ‘stripes’ at the outer side of the circle. Go up and down and up and down with your thread.

  Repeat this all around, but leave small spaces between the stripes.

 Now go around again, and make ‘stripes’ once more, but now a little shorter than the ones before. Go all around.

 Now you have the outlines of you flower!

 For the center, make a French knot again. Oh how I love French knots, haha ;).

   There you go! Three adorable little flowers! You can make as many as you want in different designs and all kinds of colors. I’m absolutely in love with these little flowers! I decided that I wanted to finish this work off fully so I made it a little more fancy, as you can see below.

  I made 2 arrow kind of things that make the design a little cooler.

  And then I sew hello to fully top it off and added my own label. I’m planning to start selling these on Etsy, but you guys will hear more about that later! 

 So yeah, here is what I’ve been doing lately. I hope you guys liked it and maybe start picking up embroidery yourself! It’s really simple, realaxing and there is result in no time! Please, if you decide to make something yourself, DM me a picture on Instagram, I would love to see it!

Thank you so much for reading, and see you guys soon again on the inter Webs!

Love a lot, and have yourself a lovely day, 

Laura Grace ❤


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CROPPED! || DIY: from old tee to croptop

Hello lovely reader, 😉

How are you all? I sure hope good. I’m actually pretty happy and good. I kinda messed up my exams, but I have a plan to fix it, so I think it’ll all be fine. 

Today I have a DIY for you guys again, I love doing them, and you guys love reading about it. So here I’m going to show you how you can turn a boring t-shirt into a cute croptop! This way you bring old items to life again. It’s money saving, and fun to do! So here we go:

First there are a few things you’ll need:

  • An old (or new) t-shirt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Some buttons (optional)

Okay so now we can get started!

  First, find an old tee that you don’t really like anymore, but you don’t want to through it away because of reasons you can’t explain, xd. I used this one, I once bought at Zara quite a while ago, I always liked it, only I don’t find the model good on my body, I just don’t really like it enough to wear it.

   As you can see, on the back it has these cute buttons, and first I decided I could do something cute with it. So I took of the buttons and searched for some nicer buttons in my mothers craft room. I found these three and just sewed them on the same place the old ones were.

  Just take your needle and thread and put the threat through the needle. Then make a little not. Go in from the back and take your button and go through both holes. Now go back down the fabric again and repeat this a few times until the button is well secured. Finish off with a securing knot. If you don’t know how to do this, scroll down to the end, there I explain it in pictures. Do this to all the buttons.

  Now you’ve done that, put on the shirt and decide how short you want to cut it. Mark the place with a small stripe with a pencil. Then go ahead and cut. I would suggest you cut the short a little longer than you want it, because you’re going to stick around the ends.

   Now fold in the hem just a little and secure it with pins.
   Now take your needle and thread again and just go ahead and stitch in and out and in and out, leave around 3 mm between the stitches.

 Go all the way around and take out the pins. You can skip this, but the he, will eventually start to unravel.
   Now take your ribbon and cut it off as long as the shirt is all the way around. Cut it off just a little longer, so that the ends will look better. Pin it down with securing needles again. Now start sewing again, go around all the way, on both sides of the ribbon. Use a colour threat that matches the colour of the ribbon.

  For the ends of the ribbon, fold them in and pin them down. Also sew those sides.

 This is the space I left between the stitches. Just go around, in and out and in and out and finish of with a securing knot.
   How to make and securing knot; go in and out through the fabric, but don’t bull the thread tight; leave a loop. Go down again and come back up with your needle.

  As you can see here above.

  Now go through the loop with your needle.

 Pull tight, and tadaaaa. You just secured your seeing work. Repeat this 2 or 3 times no then cut off the excess thread. 

Here you go! A super easy and cute way to make your tee shirts a little more special if you don’t wear them. I hope everything was clear, if not, leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed reading ;). If any of you decided to do this DIY, it would be awesome if you sent me some pics to my: Instagram Laura Thostrup thank you so much for reading, and see you next time on the inter webs :).

Lots of love  L.G.

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Easter bunny’s and nail polish (Easter nail art) Avec Mikki <3

Dear Reader, 

Today I have something very sweet and cool for you guys! My lovely friend Mikki is super talented with painting her nail, she always has tiny artworks on het fingertips, so because I like it so much, I asked her if she wanted to make a nail art for my blog. She said yes, and this is how it turned out! A perfect Easter nail art to spice up your outfit. We had a super cozy day with each other as always and I really want to thank her! 

So if you celebrate Easter, or you just like it, this will be the perfect nail art for you. Also this nail art is super cute for spring in general.

  First off, you’re gonna need some nailpolish. The ones above are all he colours we have used. Also you’ll need some tooth picks, that will do. You don’t need brushes, but they are helpful if you have them.

 First, start of with a basecoat, this is to protect your nails from getting yellow (yikes!) and also to help last your nail polish last longer. After the base, go on and coat your nails with a really soft and light pink.

 Now take your white nailpolish and put a drop on a sheet of paper. Take your toothpick or tiny paint brush and go ahead and paint half a circle on your ring finger. Take your time doing this so that you get the best end result.
  Now stay with the white and draw 2 little ears onto the head of your bunny. Try to hold your hand as steady as possible.

When you’ve let the white dry,  go ahead and take your pink nailpolish and paint 2 stripes of white in the ears and a tiny little dot at the tip of your nail for the nose.

  Now take your black and make 2 dots for the eyes. And yay! You have the cutest little Easter bunny on your nails! Now we’re going ahead and finish the other nails. I’ll describe how she did it here below.

Take  your toothpick again, and take the colours blue and pink. With both of the colours you’re going to make little flowers on all the other nails. It’s very easy, you first make one dot, as the center of the flower, and the around that dot you’re going to make 5 more. You’re just going to repeat this step until you’re satisfied with the amount and then you’re finished! End with a base coat so that the look will last longer and tadaaa!!!

  Above my lovely friend Mikki ❤

 You can see the end result here again. Super cute and spring like! We both love Easter very much and it was very fun doing this together.

 She also painted my nails, how cute!? It’s butterfly inspired and also a super cool nail art for spring.

So here you go; super cute nails for Easter and spring, this is also very fun doing together. I hope you guys liked it and if you decide to make them too, it would be awesome if you sent me a picture on Instagram! 

Thank you guys so much for reading,  

Great love, L.G.