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haar idee, bos

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Laura Grace Thostrup and I’m eighteen years old. I live in the Netherlands with my wonderful and big family. our house is always filled with noise, people running around and a bunch of love and coziness, or as we say in Dutch, gezelligheid. I admire the little things in life, I always try to see beauty in ‘normal’ things and I don’t need a lot to feel happy.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘ab imo pectore’, it is Latin for ‘from the bottom of my heart’. I try to live by this quote, and do everything in life from the deepest of my heart. What you give love, grows.

dingetjes en zo 2015 222

One of the things I really love doing is writing. When I’m older, I want to write and illustrate children’s books. When I’m upset, it always helps me to write my feelings down. I keep a diary, and once in a while I also write short stories and crappy poems. As a child I already wrote notebooks full with stories about this girl called Linda. I always wanted to be her, because of the things she experienced in my stories. Reading is also a thing I do very often and enjoy very much. I read all sort of things, poems, magaziens, literature, children’s books, Young Adults, the newspaper (once in a while, mostly I just watch the news…). I find the magic you can put down with letters fascinating.

I’m also really interested in nature, plants and animals. Biology and chemistry are one of my favorite subjects. I’ve always loved and admired nature as its whole, and especially plants, I think they are just so fascinating…


Me and my mom are newly beekeepers and although it can still be a little scary, it’s amazing to see how these wonderful animals live and what they are capable of. It’s incredible how these little animals can do huge things by their teamwork.

I also really like to craft, crochet, embroider and doodle. making things and painting is something that really clears my head when it’s all messed up there above. Therefor I like to share these things with you guys and show you how I make them!

Three years ago, when I was reading some of my favorite blogs on the internet, I suddenly thought, I want to do this too, I want to start my own blog! So after that I created my own website, and until this very day I still enjoy blogging very much.

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Some of the things I love are laughing, nature, cycling, the beach, crafting, school, watching movies, making and listening to music (I play clarinet and piano), drawing, decorating, writing and of course, seeing my lovely friends and family.

I always like to try out new things, and with that, I also hope that my blog will lead me to new adventures, some that I can be able to share with the internet ; ).

I hope that you’ll find yourself enjoying reading my blog, and finding inspiration in my posts.

Thanks for reading,


Laura Grace


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