Address Book // DIY

Dear Reader,

Today I found myself searching for my brothers address I once wrote in a random notebook, couldn’t find it, and I figured I had to change my organization a little…. So I made myself an address book, and I took pictures of the progress so that you guys can get some inspiration yourself! Enjoy.

As you can see, very simple and cute. Just use some glue, pens and paper. Hope you liked it, I’ll write soon again. 
Love always, 


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Meet my baby’s || we got kittens!!!

Dear Reader, 

Since 2 weeks, we have two new family members, Ronja and Vosje, our new kittens! We’re all absolutely in love with them and I can watch them play for hours… 

We got the two from a very nice cat owner, around two weeks ago. When they first came, they were both a little shy, but after a few hours they were already settled in and they were playing with the toys we got them. Ronja, the white cat, is called after the  book Ronja the robbers daughter from Astrid Lindgren. The name suits her very well as she is very cheeky and is already chasing after spiders and small insects that live in our house. The red one is called Vosje, which means fox in Dutch, because, of course, he is red. The two are inseparable and as Ronja takes the lead, Vosje follows her around everywhere. They love snuggling together in the sun that shines through the windows and when you sit on the couch, they come to great you with a cuddle and a very cute miauw. I can’t stop playing with them in the morning and I’m so so so happy that we finally got two little lions! I can’t believe how tame they have become in just this little time, and I will never stop loving them! Here are some pictures of my babies! (Sorry for the bad quality, the pics were taken on my phone…).

Love Always, Laura Grace & the babies ❤

Book review – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Dear Reader,
Today I have a book review of the hobbit for you, a wonderful story about a hobbit seeking an adventure together with thirteen dwarves and the grand wizard Gandalf. It was really grand and epic and I can’t believe I didn’t read the book earlier.

The story is about a hobbit, Bilbo Baggings. Hobbits don’t like adventures at all; they avoid them like they’re poison, hobbits try to live a live as ordinary as possible. But one day, the great Gandalf comes across Bilbo’s door and his live will never be as it was before. Bilbo invites Gandalf for tea the next day, but the next day Gandalf wasn’t the only one coming to his door; thirteen dwarves come trooping in his house and eat all his cake. To his surprise, Gandalf has chosen Bilbo to attend on the quest of the dwarves, a quest to steal the gold that lies under the belly of dragon Smaug, an evil and dangerous dragon that no one dares to go near. To his own surprise, Bilbo attends on the quest and on their way to Smaug, they witness great adventures and dangerous happenings. An adventure of great danger, friendship and braveness.

I absolutely fell in love with this book the moment Bilbo left his hobbit hole. I love fiction very much, as well as I love hobbits ever since reading the book. I think the book is very well thought through, and written by a very special set of brains. The characters were very well put together as well as the storyline. The book had so many special moments, awesome creatures and just the right amount of fighting scenes. I think this is the best book I’ve read in some time, and I guess it will always stay high up in my top ten of best books. If you’re looking for an absolutely epic fiction book filled with mystery and fantasy creatures, this will be just what you’re looking for.

The only thing that I missed a little bit was some romance. It isn’t like it had to be in there, I just would’ve liked reading a little bit more chemistry. But anyhow, I loved the book.

Oh and guys, the book has a map, a map. Books with maps are just ten times better than books without maps. Maybe that’s not a good way to look at books, but whatever. I love maps.

Five out of five stars definitely.

Love, L.G.



How to get an A+|| Study tips & tricks

Dear reader,

School is starting again soon, and I figured that I had to make a study plan because I didn’t really get high grades last year. I was procrastinating, being lazy and I was just doing random things that were not at all related to school. So, I made a study plan on how to get higher grades and how to stay focused on school. I decided to share them with you, because there might be some of you that could use some help, too.

foto's van camera 011.JPG

  1. Make a summary of all the subjects of your textbook you dealt with the same week. When you’re going to study for your test a few weeks later, you’ll already have your study material ready, and you will have studied it all already subconsciously.
  2. Make sure you finish all your homework before the weekend. You’ll only have to think about studying instead of making homework as well, less stress is the key to higher grades.
  3. Make sure to take good notes in class. Don’t just write mindlessly, but write in your own words and understand the things you’re putting down on paper.
  4. Ask questions if you don’t understand things, don’t leave them be; these subjects might reappear in your upcoming test and it would be a shame if you won’t get them right because you were too lazy to ask about them.foto's van camera 012.JPG
  5. Studying steps: make all your homework, make summaries, study key terms and concepts, do a practice test, watch YouTube videos about the subject, reread textbook.
  6. Study for tests over a spread period of time. If you try to study everything in one day, your brains won’t have enough time to process the information, and it won’t stay in your long term memory. Try to divide the curriculum over a few days.
  7. Read ahead; you’ll go to class prepared and you’ll know a little about the things that will be taught.
  8. Make to do lists and plan ahead! You’ll know what to do and when, which will make everything clear; clarity = stress free.
  9. Tackle procrastination immediately. Just make your homework directly when you get home after school; you’ll be free the rest of the day and you won’t have to think about it in the evening.
  10. Clean and organize your desk and room every evening and make your bed every morning. An organized room is an organized and peaceful brain.
  11. Try to explain the things you’ve studied on to someone, if this goes well and you can explain it simply, you know you have studied well. If you have no one to explain it to, try your hamster or your plant, they make great listeners 😉 .foto's van camera 013.JPG
  12. Look back on your homework when studying.
  13. When your phone, laptop or something else is distracting you, put them off, or lay them in another room where you can’t see or hear them.
  14. Tackle big tasks first, you don’t have to think about those when making other tasks, which will be a relieve.
  15. Set goals and do your best to reach them! If you put in your effort, you will succeed!

This was all for now guys, good luck with school and studying! I hope these tips and tricks have helped, and that you all will have a good school year! And just remember: Can we fix this? Yes we can!! (Yes, I just quoted Bob the builder, who knew the dude was inspiring?).

Love always, L.G

Book review – Zenith by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Dear Reader,

Finally, I’m back in the Netherlands from vacation = WiFi & blog posts! Today I wrote a book review about an epic book I’ve read a few weeks ago. Not only did love this book because my all-time favorite YouTuber wrote it together with the Lindsay Cummings, but the book was totally awesome with fighting chicks in space and an interesting plot. A first in a book series that’s going to be awesome sauce with extra sauce.

The book Zenith is basically about a gang of four space chicks, with Andi as captain of their spaceship; the Maurader. The girls make money of doing missions, and one time it goes horribly wrong when they get in the hands of the bad and they have to go on a dangerous journey to get back their freedom. Here is a link to a more specific review of the story Goodreads review , I’m sorry mine is so awfully short and bad…

It was an easy, short and awesome read! I’m very much looking forward to part two in the Androma Saga and can’t wait to see how it ends with the girl-power squad… I’m so very proud of Sasha and I give her a virtual shoulder tap, ah well why not a big hug? Although she doesn’t know me, I totally look up to her and I adore her very much. As for Lindsay, another awesome peace of work, very proud of her as well!

Of course, the book wasn’t a piece of Shakespeare (luckily not, actually), but for a first book someone has ever written (Sasha), I thought of it as a piece of art! I know how much time they have put in it, and I am so excited that it is being published!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy! We, as the fandoms are so excited for the both of you!! Congrats!!

I have one author tip; I would love to read more in detail, more depth, it would make the book more interesting, like a delicious cake being iced, you get me? I think the plot and idea is totally awesome, really something that’s totally Sasha, we, as your fans totally know how much you love space/alien books (*cough*, J.L.A. AMAZINGGG), but I feel that there could be pulled more out of the idea, as awesome as it is. Anyway, loved it like I love tomato soup (I love tomato soup). Maybe it’s just me wanting more to read because I liked it so much, let me know what you guys think?

I wish Sasha and Lindsay good luck on writing further and I can’t wait to get a grip on part two, and obviously a physical copy of part one!! I wish all the best for you, and for now, may the force be with you as you write your way through space.

Lots of love, Laura Grace ❤

Oh how I love the beach…

Dear reader,

Have I ever told you how much I love the beach? Well I will now; I love the beach very much.

There’s something about the beach that I just simply find wonderful; the waves and the sand and the clouds that slowly drift away.  The beach is just has this chill vibe that says: “It’s chill dude, sit down and enjoy the view” (I think this in a surfer dude voice, that finishes it all off very nicely ;)). I love swimming in the always a bit too cold sea and then jumping in the waves. I love searching for beautiful seashells and making necklaces from the ones with holes in them. And I love the salt on my skin and the sand in my hair. The most beautiful sunsets are to be seen at the beach. The colors are so pretty; they almost look unreal.

I love the wind that turns my hair into a big mess and makes it look crazy. I love the beach in the winter too; the sea turns rough and it turns into a beast. When my mind is messed up, I go for a long walk on the beach and then it’s mostly all sorted out again. The sea seems like a big mystery, and I love being part of it while swimming. I love the smell of the salt air and breathing it all in. I love seeing seagulls flying in the horizon and boats sailing on the open sea. And I love cycling home from the beach with bare feet through the dunes. I just love the whole picture of the beach, and I wish for it never to end.

So yeah, that’s how much I love the beach.

Love always, Laura Grace

Things to do in the summer! || My plans

Dear Reader, 

It’s finally vacation! I’m so done with school, I could cry of happiness that it’s vacation. There are now six weeks of doing nothing and no stress. Of course I’m not only just going to sleep and do nothing, there are a few things I definitely want to do, and I have those things listed for you today! It’s nice to make a list for when you are bored; you can easily find something to do. 

  • Sleep under the stars
  • Play hide and seek in the IKEA
  • Send bottle post
  • Read six books
  • Huge cleaning session in my room
  • Star Wars marathon!
  • Walk to Zandvoort aan Zee across the beach
  • Go to Amsterdam ❤
  • Bake day, where we bake as much as we can
  • Swim, a lot! 
  • Chill with friends
  • And lastly, sleep, lost of this one.

I’m hoping to do all these this summer, that would be grand. I’ll keep you guys updated, and I will post more now that it’s vacation! I would love to hear about your plans, feel free to tell me in the comment section down below! 

Thanks for reading,

Love always, Laura Grace